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paddling to recovery
Camino Recovery

A Recovery story: Carnival time in Trinidad and Tobago

At the age of 23, the last thing I thought I would be doing is changing my life; I’d thought at my age, there was hardly anything to be changed – I was still in the process of building it! While this might hold some truth, the blocks with which I was building were not leading me toward success or happiness. In fact, they were leading me straight to an end I couldn’t yet see.

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The advantages of a treatment centre in Spain

Holidays are a good opportunity to unwind and clear the mind of the day-to-day grind. Locations like Spain, provide an ideal setting for an individual to deal with their addictions. For this (and many other reasons), Camino Recovery was born.

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Trauma and anger

Anger management issues

Do you ever find yourself losing control in angry outbursts? Perhaps you get angry in traffic or in a stressful domestic situation? Do you ever

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