2020: A Year of Continuous Growth

2020 has been a challenging year. However, through the obstacles, we have continued to grow. Camino has stayed open and welcomed clients from all over the world, and through the challenges, our core essence has remained unshaken. 

We draw on a wealth of experience from various corners of the world, including some of the most renowned centres in the United States.

Indeed, our entire clinical team has formed its roots in the USA, where the therapy models we use were born and developed. All our counsellors have earned Masters level degrees from the cream of America’s educational institutions. 

Camino has drawn on what the United States has to offer and adapted, enhanced, and enriched it to create the unique and bespoke treatment that we believe is unsurpassed in Europe and beyond.

Our continued success demanded that we expand our clinical team. Through this meticulous process, we are pleased to announce that we have found someone who shares our ethos and vision as we do at Camino.

Ryan Napolitano 

Meet Ryan Napolitano, who joined our team on August 1st.

Ryan recently moved from the US where he had been trained and practising as a Licensed Professional Counsellor (LPC) and Certified Substance Abuse Counsellor (CSAC).

He has a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marymount University in Arlington VA with years of experience focusing on long-term treatment and management of addiction.

Ryan fits right in with the Camino family because he shares our vision of creating a compassionate environment conducive to deep interpersonal work.

He comes from a pedigree of teachers and counsellors who focus on experiential group education and interventions.

We’re excited to have his talent and experience add to the treatment experience for our clients.

Outside of counselling, Ryan is an avid sportsman, having played and coached collegiate baseball in the US. In his free time, he works with athletes to overcome performance blocks and learn skills to help both on the field and in their personal lives.

He recently moved to Andalucia to settle with his partner, Maria. He is looking forward to exploring the area’s vast hiking trails and beautiful roads on his motorcycle.

Our Programme Director: Don Lavender

Don Lavender Camino Recovery

Our very own programme director, Don Lavender, was also born and raised in the United States.

Don grew up on a farm in Louisiana before he started his Theology studies in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. 

Along with a BA in Theology and an MDiv. (PhD abd), Don then earned a Master’s degree in Management, Administration, and Counselling (CPE) from St. Meinrad.

He then worked at Sierra Tuscon and The Meadows, two of the most prestigious treatment centres in the world. With a desire to help his clients recover from addiction, Don and his wife, Meena, opened Camino Recovery in 2009

Don has 40 years of experience working in the addictions and psychiatric behavioural health industry.

Our Clinical Director: Ameet Braich

Ameet Braich

Ameet Braich, our Clinical Director at Camino Recovery, expanded his studies at the World-renowned Hazelden centre in Minnesota, USA.

He earned a Master’s in Addiction Counselling and Psychotherapy and graduated summa cum laude.

An addiction and trauma specialist, Ameet practices a holistic approach to recovery.

Ameet has over 15 years of experience working with clients and family members affected by depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction.

The Camino family is ever-growing, and the family extends beyond our four walls and into the rest of the world.

“I wanted to create an environment where people can come to heal. By providing a retreat that offers an escape from the stress of everyday living.

Here our clients can look at their lives, their thinking and behaviour, in order to assess what is working for them and what is not.

Our aim is to free our clients from the restraints of their past trauma to become the best that they can be. Our greatest joy is to see people leave Camino and flourish with the new tools they have gained.”

Don Lavender

We are privileged to work and help people heal in such luxury, privacy and comfort.

Thank you for journeying with us.


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