A Fresh Start At Camino Recovery Centre – A New Year; A New You

Stella Hartley, 31, is a recovering alcoholic who started drinking heavily when she was just 15. What started out as a social habit, turned into an all consuming need for alcohol and alcoholic oblivion.

Over the years, she lost control of her life; lost her job, fell out with her family and friends and yet, she blamed everyone else for her problems and could not quit drinking despite desperate attempts from her loved ones. In her late 20’s things spiralled further out of control when she became reliant on Class A drugs and after several brushes with the law and an incident that landed her in hospital, she realised that she had to seek help or she would die.

For Stella there was no future, but after a residential stay at Camino Recovery Centre, she said: “I would have never imagined a life without drugs or alcohol but I now know that it is possible.” A major part in her recovery was the support from her family.

Her mum and sister took part in the centre’s Family Programme, which led them on an emotional journey of understanding and forgiveness. With their support and commitment to help in Stella’s recovery, she is now excited about the second chance she has been given.

Stella’s mum arrived at the centre in a state of shock and feeling “slightly fearful”, but she says “I leave full of hope and full of gratitude. I have found this week so valuable in helping me, my daughter and our relationship. Please accept my sincere thanks. We have hope at last. Meeting other addicts has changed my preconceived ideas. I am and will always be grateful for the opportunity to take part in the family week.”

Health is extremely important for anyone, and when times are hard we can rely on the things we shouldn’t. If you feel that things have reached rock bottom in your life, the Camino Recovery Centre are here to help.

The centre is an intimate and homely 12-bed facility, based in Southern Spain. Located in a peaceful setting and surrounded by tranquil gardens, Camino allows you a peaceful and private recovery.  “Camino Recovery is a haven. A place where I could just be. When I think of Camino Recovery now, my heart fills with warmth and inspiration.”

With 80 years of combined, multi-disciplinary expertise, the team at Camino offer a place to start again. Primarily an addiction treatment centre, they also treat cases such as addiction associated conditions, known as ‘dual diagnosis’. These include trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders/bipolar disorder, eating disorders/body image concerns, grief and loss, anger and rage, relationship conflict, family of origin issues, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and ADD/ADHD.

Many clients who come to Camino cannot see a way out, but the centre offers hope for a better future. Whether it be through its unique Family Programmes, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, EMDR or CBT, clients have called the treatment programme, “life-changing”, “innovative” and “rewarding”.

Don Lavender comments:

“People suffering from an addiction deserve professional care delivered with dignity and respect. That is what the Camino Recovery Centre is about.”

If you want to start 2013 with a fresh attitude and healthier lifestyle, or know someone who may want to, then please contact Meena Lavender at the Camino Recovery Centre on +44 207 558 8420 or visit www.caminorecovery.com.


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