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Addiction affects the whole family…stop enabling and do something about it today

addiction intervention


Alcoholism, drug addictions, gambling addiction, sex addiction and eating disorders are progressive and chronic diseases that, if left untreated, will result in the premature death of someone you love. Help is available. No one has to hit their absolute bottom before accepting help…..Intervention works!

If someone you know is struggling with the disease of addiction, it is time to take action.

Intervention is the best way to make help available to those struggling with an addiction. 92% of those intervened on go to treatment and have the opportunity to change their lives.


Is now the time?

If your current situation has you concerned enough that you are exploring this option – it’s time. If you are concerned about someone you love, nothing can be gained by waiting. Crisis comes and crisis goes, but with the disease of addiction, we don’t get to choose the consequences our loved ones will face the next time.

If now is not the time, ask yourself: How much worse will it have to get before you are willing to act?

Will doing an intervention make matters worse? NO. Doing nothing will make matters worse.


Intervention Suppositions

Addiction Intervention services argues that certain widely-held suppositions are no longer true. They disagree with the following longstanding assumptions:

1. You can’t help an addicted individual until they want help.

  • Addicts don’t know what is happening inside of them—they are experiencing a loss of control
  • Addicts don’t know why they act the way they do, every part of the brain lobes is affected by alcohol, drugs or other addictive behaviours
  • Addicts make excuses for what is irrational and destructive behavior, Denial is strong. What will get them to want help?

2. An addict must hit rock bottom.

  • Hitting rock bottom leaves them trying to find help on their own.
  • Addicts may never hit rock bottom or may bounce around it with denial.
  • The family will end up going along for the ride, bouncing at the bottom too.
  • Addicts don’t have relationships…they take HOSTAGES!

3. Addiction is a lack of willpower and a character flaw.

  • Addiction dismantles will.

4. Treatment only works if the alcoholic wants it.

  • A 25 year study resulted in no statistical difference between self-referred clients and clients that entered treatment due to an intervention. It’s not the willingness to go to treatment that matters. It’s the willingness and commitment to continue working toward a healthy lifestyle when one leaves treatment that matters.


Interventions and the Holidays

Are you concerned about doing an intervention so close to the holidays?
If you are, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon for families to feel that they are somehow doing the wrong thing by helping a family member during this season.

The fact is, the holidays can be very stressful times for alcoholics, addicts and those struggling from other addictions and compulsive behaviours. This stress often contributes to an increased usage of drugs /addictive behaviours and the resulting consequences of their behaviours.


There is a way you can help.

Having a loved one get into treatment during the holidays can be one of the greatest gifts they will ever receive. It is also a chance for the entire family to get relief from the pain of knowing your loved one is suffering from their addiction. As difficult as it might be to have your family member in treatment during the holiday season, it is equally comforting to know they are safe, and that this may be the last holiday you’ll spend away from each other.


What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a structured, solution-focused process that consists of a group of close friends, family members and others (co-workers, colleagues, spiritual advisors, etc.) who come together in a caring and non-judgmental manner to present their observations and concerns regarding an addict’s behaviour.

A well-executed intervention is professionally facilitated and aims to move the family or workplace system out of crisis and assists in immediately addressing addiction through treatment.

To more fully understand how addiction affects the system surrounding an addict, consider the mobile. Each component of a mobile is related to and dependent upon the others for balance and stability. The mobile functions correctly when you pull one component, and every other element moves in response. The mobile ceases to function when force is applied to one piece and no movement or change occurs.

When there is active addiction within a family or workplace system, the people around the individual operate much like a broken mobile. Energy is applied in an effort to change the one addicted individual – surprisingly to no avail. However, when the combined pieces of the mobile are set in motion, through the process of intervention, those surrounding the addict or alcoholic can move from their established positions and the stubborn piece will be forced to change his or her actions.


Camino Recovery has two stated goals:

1) To move the system surrounding the addicted individual out of the chaos and crisis generated by addiction;

2) To make help available to the individual. By focusing our attention on the system surrounding the individual, and working with them to make changes in their response to addiction, we change the system independent of his or her decision to accept help.


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