Addiction: what does it mean to you?

What does addiction mean to you?

Will you stop, reflect, be honest and true

About how this word has impacted your life

And caused you pain, suffering and strife?

Have you had enough? Is it time to let go

Of what holds you back and keeps you low?

For the time is now to love and forgive.

This is your chance to rise up and live.

Learn from the choices you’ve made in the past;

They are gone forever and they won’t last.

Begin with you – make a change, a shift.

The moment you do, your spirit will lift.

You will see life with brand new eyes

And be attracted to those who are wise.

For it is wisdom you need to grow,

And you will reap whatever you sow.

Take the time; look within your heart.

Trust that you can create a new start.

When you release what holds you back,

You’ll experience more, rather than lack.

Only love will change the way you feel.

Embark on a journey that helps you heal.

For the parts of your life that don’t feel right,

Ask for guidance; bring them into the light.

For the light is love, and love is you.

Take the step today and begin life anew.

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