David Scourfield

David Scourfield

David Scourfield, MSEd

  • Expertise Relationship Management


  • Joined Camino Recovery in 2017.
  • Plays a crucial role in liaising with Clinical and other professionals, aiding their understanding of Camino's program.
  • Advocates for a holistic approach to maintaining sobriety.


David Scourfield joined Camino in 2017 and a large part of his role is to liaise with Clinical and other professionals to assist in their understanding of the program offered at Camino.

David has operated in the fields of Real Estate and Asset Management throughout the United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland, Spain, and Malta.

While in South Africa, he began his own personal recovery journey in 2003 and spent much of his free time volunteering at local treatment centers. After returning to Europe in 2014, David combined his marketing skills and personal experiences, landing him at Camino in 2017. David is an extremely communicative individual who frequently contributes to external publications as well as writing for Camino‘s website.

David’s lived experience brings an authenticity to his approach to working with people in recovery. He believes that solidarity is an essential part of the recovery journey and often helps clients build a support network by introducing them to other people who are also in recovery. David also incorporates a holistic approach to maintaining sobriety by emphasizing the importance of physical and mental health, self care, and taking some time out for relaxation. He works with clients to create a toolbox of recovery tools that can be used during periods of vulnerability and difficulty.

Football is a huge passion of his, which he plays regularly. During his stay in Spain, he has picked up Padel as well, and can often be seen playing on one of the local courts near the Coast. He is an ardent supporter of West Ham United.

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