Depression – do antidepressants work?

Ever since the big pharmaceutical corporations discovered Prozac (a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) in 1987, it has been widely distributed to the public along with other antidepressants developed since.

However, it may not be entirely necessary to become dependent upon medication of this type to combat depression. Research has shown that mild mood or affect disorders can be lifted with moderate exercise and the consumption of bioactive foods.

You may wonder how eating yoghurt can help with emotional states, but the answer lies in the relationship between the brain and the stomach.

The brain needs Serotonin to regulate moods. However, it isn’t produced there but in the stomach, or to be exact, in the intestines. Ordinarily, the quantities produced naturally are sufficient, but those people suffering from mood swings will need larger amounts to help address other imbalances. Chemical serotonins are, in fact, hardly more effective than including bioactive foods in your diet that produce the neurotransmitter organically, but the majority of people continue to depend on Prozac and other medication produced by pharmaceuticals.

Medical professionals who have worked in the mental health field for decades have discovered something simple but true: if you take antidepressants by themselves without therapy to address the debilitating issues they are unlikely to truly help you. And if you receive psychotherapy for your depression without utilising antidepressants, then the therapy is unlikely to help in a timely fashion.

However, if you use antidepressants together with psychotherapy, you exponentially increase your chances of receiving help in an effective way.

Advice: use antidepressants as a wheelbarrow to help carry emotional burdens and when you are finished sorting your issues, wean yourself off the antidepressants under a doctor’s care. Antidepressants are rarely designed to be taken throughout your life. Take them just long enough to sort out the defined issues and then be done with them.  To achieve this you need to get to the root cause of repeating debilitating emotional conditions, and for this it is necessary to undergo the appropriate therapy process.

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