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Addiction at Camino RecoveryA common misconception when it comes to addiction recovery is that many believe that ‘hitting bottom’, or waiting until things get worse, is the time to think about or consider rehab. Of course, the earlier the signs are recognised and the earlier the addiction is treated, the higher the chance of long term recovery − and this process starts at home with the family.

According to Nicole Kosanke, Ph.D, one myth about substance abuse that prevents people from getting help and inhibits others from trying to help them, is that treatment is equated with intensive, residential ‘rehab’ and believed to be the starting point of all change.

This misunderstanding among families can be detrimental to recovery and actually allow addiction to become worse. As a family member or friend who is worried about someone’s addiction, acting sooner rather than later is key.

However, friends and relations often leave things until they can be ignored no longer. By then the problem will indeed have got more acute than may have been the case had they acted sooner. Nowadays, though, the medical system is changing and the emphasis is on early treatment.

At Camino Recovery one of our treatment methods includes ‘Family Intervention’. Suitable for all types of addiction, we offer a complete service from the initial assessment right through to post-treatment care.

Designed not only for your loved one suffering from the addiction, but for every family member concerned, we offer an early route to recovery that can turn a life around before unnecessary damage is done, thus aimed at preventing the worst effects of addiction.

So don’t ignore alarm bells and wait until you know someone suffering with addiction hits bottom. We resident specialise in intervention offered with love and support for extreme effectiveness. With resident specialists in the subject of intervention, at Camino Recovery we are trained to address the behaviour, not attack the individual.

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