Eating disorders and more Addiction substitutes

Binge Eating Camino RecoveryDuring recovery, it is common to substitute one behaviour with another in order to fulfill the emotional and physical needs caused by addictions. In many cases, however, substituting addictions can lead to a new addiction altogether and so awareness is key in order to maintain control of the situation.

A common example is when alcoholics replace their drinking addiction with eating as a similar downscaled trigger. And although this type of substitute behaviour isn’t necessarily as harmful, it can turn into a new addiction such as binge eating disorders that can ultimately end up being just as damaging. At Camino Recovery, we encourage substituting of addictions with certain behaviours that can help along the road to recovery and create a fresh, new focus. For example, replacing addictions with healthy exercise or a new hobby can be positive to both body and mind. However, the key issue is that the addiction substitute can’t have addictive traits in its own right, so you aren’t losing one addiction and gaining another.

Through our programme, we work with clients on their addiction every step of the way. As addictions are individual, we understand that the exact treatment needs to take account of each on each person’s personality to establish what works for you. We deal with the addiction primarily and don’t just replace it. This way, recovery is likely to last and there is less chance of a relapse.

Of course we also encourage healthy activities as part of the process, but dealing with the addiction remains our main focus. With our experience and experts in the field, we will help you conquer your addiction – not just substitute it.

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