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Camino Recovery CentreTailored treatment
The most important part of our treatment programme is the fact that it is tailor-made to suit each and every patient’s unique needs and requirements. No two people are the same and this is the fundamental principle that we adhere to when treating an individual’s addiction. We tackle a wide range of addictions, including:


•           Alcohol addiction

•           Prescription drug addiction

•           Drug addiction

•           Secondary eating disorders (chronic not acute)

•           Relationship issues

•           Secondary sex addiction (chronic not acute)

•           Spending addiction

We not only cover the immediate problem, but its cause, the root of it and the deeper psychological and emotional factors. In this we focus on each patient’s specific problems, past and present issues.

Mind and body
The beauty of Camino Recovery is that it offers a sanctuary, a retreat from the outside world and from busy, chaotic everyday life. Here our patients can unwind and find peace in the tranquillity of our serene environment, the treatment we provide is a gentle, nurturing care. From group therapy and one-to-one counselling sessions to cognitive behavioural therapy and the 12-step programme, we offer exceptional pioneering expertise in the treatment of addiction and its causes, specialising in a wide range of therapeutic interventions to offer the most effective combinations of support.

Family and friends
We believe that family intervention is crucial and can hugely benefit our patients in not only addressing the addiction, but also in maintaining a sustained recovery. Family intervention is suitable for all kinds of addiction and we see real life-long results with families who work together, with love and support in the secluded environment of Camino Recovery. The package of care that we provide is designed for every family member concerned, not only those suffering from addiction, and by working together we are best able to help our patients achieve a lasting recovery, as well as building a positive, fulfilling life for all the family.

Beyond addiction
We not only offer exceptional, pioneering expertise in the treatment of addiction, but most importantly its causes and associated mental health problems. Putting down alcohol, drugs (or whatever the addiction of choice is), is only the start. In order to maintain sobriety and recover from the disease of addiction we have to treat the root of the illness through highly effective therapeutic interventions.

Sustained recovery
Once getting sober, clean or on a path to recovery the most important (and often most complex matter) is how to maintain this upturn and continue to heal after leaving our recovery centre. At Camino Recovery we put in place measures, recommendations and structures whilst the patient is in our care that they can implement in their daily lives. We teach them new life skills and coping mechanisms, including meditation and practising daily gratitude, which will give them the strength and wisdom to deal with trying or stressful situations without reverting to their old patterns of behaviour. We intend to break the pattern, employing new techniques, building up support networks and meetings for complete behavioural change and life-long recovery.

It is with the use of these techniques that we not only create a tailored treatment aimed at ending the addiction itself, but also provide the structure and tools that will empower people to deal with the root causes and be free of their dependencies.


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