Here come those winter blues…

Winter Blues at Camino RecoveryChristmas is over and the new year has begun, but for many of us this period of New Year resolutions, hope and positivity can in fact be one of the bleakest and most desolate times of the year.

Many of us have overspent in order to deliver the Christmas that our friends and family were expecting. Loans were taken out, credit cards maxed – and suddenly now, as January rolls on, the carefree festive spending has given way to feelings of fear and dread as bills flow through the letterbox and money is short.

Of course the weather doesn’t help, and short, dark winter days make lifting spirits even harder when the sun barely shines sometimes and the nights are cold and long. This is what one often refers to as the ‘winter blues’, these days of foggy, dark depression that seem to drag on and on, with no light at the end of the tunnel or sunshine in sight.

Unless we are careful, the post-Christmas blues can set in suddenly, and as family depart, holidays are over, normal life is resumed and finances become a worry, the coming months can feel like a never ending dark desperation. The problem is that the longer these feelings continue, the worse the symptoms become. From mild anxiety over finances or family disagreements, loneliness, desperation, sadness and despair can take hold, until even getting out of bed becomes a struggle.

S.A.D. or ‘seasonal affective disorder’ affects one in four of us every winter, some more severely than others, and the cold, grey winter landscape, lack of sunlight and miserable weather can directly affect a person’s brain chemistry and whole outlook upon life.

From overeating, binge drinking and drug abuse to feelings of hopelessness, fear, depression and even suicide, the perils of the winter blues can be chronic, if not fatal. When immersed in anxiety or depression it can be hard, if not impossible, to find a solution, and as the downward spiral progresses any way out can seem futile.

BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION! You are not alone. The team here at Camino Recovery is comprised of trained experts, with years of experience in dealing with all forms of the winter blues, from SAD to anxiety and depression. Boasting one-to-one counseling sessions, group therapy, equine therapy, holistic treatments and personalised programmes tailored to suit each individual’s specialised needs and requirements – all located in the calm and serenity of Camino’s inviting home under the Spanish sun, this is the ideal spot to unwind, relax and overcome all feelings of despair. With fresh air, glorious sunshine, picturesque scenery and an attentive team of counselors and professionals at hand, there is no need to feel alone or depressed.

Contact us to banish the winter doldrums once and for all, and see the silver linings shining through the clouds once more!


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