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One-on-one consultations at Camino RecoveryCamino Recovery is known for its highly innovative and effective treatment programmes, which focus not only on dealing with acute situations in the short-term but ultimately seek long-lasting solutions by finding and addressing the root of the problem.

Personal problems of any kind, be it an addiction, behavioural issues, coping techniques or family/marital situations, are grounded in an inability to process or communicate feelings and experiences. For this reason, an important part in overcoming such problems lies with being able to face, admit and scrutinise your own feelings and then the ability to communicate this to others.

A person can only respond well to others if they are sufficiently grounded in themselves. In other words, you have to understand and accept yourself for who you are – not who you think the world would like you to be – and learn to feel good about what you see in the mirror. Naturally, this doesn’t preclude you from wanting to continue to develop and improve yourself – we are all a work in progress – but it is the first and vital step towards overcoming internally rooted problems that stand in the way of your happiness.

Achieve this and your need for emotional crutches (such as addictions or behavioural patterns) diminishes greatly – allowing you to properly find your place in the world and interact with others in a way that will be healthier and more mutually satisfactory.

These and many other issues are addressed by the qualified team of professionals at Camino Recovery where a personal, caring approach is preferred over high-handed methods. The process begins with a completely confidential one-on-one consultation in which your counsellor puts you at ease and creates an environment in which you can be honest with your feelings and experiences without fear of being judged. The only issue of importance is resolving problems and ensuring you have every chance of pursuing happiness.


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