Relationship issues Therapy

One of the most important treatments we offer at Camino Recovery will help you develop resources to address delicate problems like negative feelings, emotional distance and miscommunication, in order to restore meaningful connections, by understanding the dysfunctional patterns existing between yourself and those important to you.

When the dynamic between you and someone important to you has become distant, conflicted, or otherwise dysfunctional, it can affect every aspect of your life. Healthy relationships are crucial to our well-being: every adequate picture of individual health includes the ability to form meaningful, mutually satisfying bonds with others. Therapy for relationship issues focuses on assisting you to better understand the nature of your own relational dynamics, and to work through feelings about lost trust, misunderstanding, difficult events, repeated conflict, or other differences that can feel irresolvable.

Most typical relationship issues

  • Difficulty creating or maintaining relationship bonds
  • Unproductive conflicts or fighting without resolution
  • Sexual dissatisfaction or mismatched desires with your partner
  • Poor communication
  • Feelings of unbearable hurt or loneliness
  • Difficulty coping with the effects of major life events on the relationship
  • Fears of rejection or abandonment
  • Loss of emotional closeness or intimacy
  • Loss of trust, respect or love after infidelity or other betrayals
  • Fear of losing your sense of self in the relationship



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