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Woman in depression

What is Rock Bottom?

Rock bottom is a metaphoric expression that stamps the lowest point in someone’s life, particularly when grappling with addiction. It represents a profound crisis where the pain caused by addiction becomes unbearable, and the person suffering reaches a breaking point.

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Male hand breaking cigarettes close up quitting bad habit

Why a Non-Smoking Addiction Recovery Centre Can Be Advantageous

At Camino Recovery we have chosen to provide a non-smoking recovery experience for a number of reasons. While we appreciate that this approach might not suit everyone, we have seen firsthand how a smoke-free, holistic environment can produce a positive effect on treatment outcomes and result in lasting change.

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Depressed woman. Hiding from stalkers. Fame. PTSD

Five Behaviours That Can Stem from Trauma

Most of us will encounter an event or experience that scares or frightens us at some stage in our lives. These events we experience may be so extreme and terrifying that it makes it almost impossible to engage in positive thinking or see beyond our past without feeling hopeless, scared or anxious.

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