Worried about your alcohol consumption this Christmas?

The difference between a social drinker, alcohol abuser and alcoholic.

Now that the festive season is upon us it may be time to look a little more closely at our drinking habits. For more people, Christmas is a time of celebration, but for those who flirt with addiction throughout the year, it is a period fraught with danger and difficulty. There is a culture of festive excess which not only makes alcohol and other substances more accessible, but also makes society much more likely to condone any sort of antisocial behaviour brought on by intoxication. So, take a moment to consider which category you fall under?

Social drinker
A social drinker is a person who drinks on an infrequent basis, whenever they do drink, there will be no repercussions or problems. Friends and family do not worry about consumption levels and there are no behavioural problems such as dramatic mood swings or aggression. This person does not think about alcohol on a regular basis, nor does he need to drink often

Alcohol abuser
Someone who begins to take their alcohol consumption too far, where social drinking becomes more frequent with high consumption levels. This habit could begin to harm their relationships as they put work and family to one side and they become reliant on alcohol. Changes in their attitude and their daily behaviour will be noticeable. The social drinker has become an abuser of alcohol but is not an alcoholic yet.

An alcoholic is someone who is addicted to alcohol. This person is unable to control or set limits for their consumption. Their tolerance levels will be high, meaning they will need to drink more alcohol to get the same effects.

Alcohol will start to control the alcoholic’s life; their family, friends, job and health will all be affected. Despite this, the alcoholic is unable to quit drinking and will find it difficult to admit they have a problem.

Alcohol addiction is considered to be a disease; by changing chemicals in the brain, it has made alcohol the most important thing in the alcoholic’s life.

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