‘Healing The Family’ Workshop

Family Progarmme

Please call us to inquire about the next Family Programme on +34 951 107 195
At Renewal Centre in Berkshire, UK and Camino Recovery Centre in Velez-Malaga, Spain


Here at the Camino Recovery, we are offering families affected by addiction the opportunity to take part in a ‘Family Programme’ in Spain as well as in the UK. We invite families to attend – for their loved ones in treatment, but mostly for themselves.

Substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma, self-harm and so-on impacts on the family system and vice versa. This programme is specifically designed to learn about dysfunctional, compulsive behaviours, and although the work is sometimes difficult and emotional it is filled with the opportunity for growth and healing.

The family workshop is about the systems, messages and role modelling we all received or did not receive in our lives. The overall goal is to overcome the pain and disillusionment of harmful experiences from the past, and prepare for a more positive future.

Family work is a pivotal part within a system, which allows insight into the dynamics that may have plagued them. Without blame, the family will have the opportunity to open lines of communications that may have been damaged or closed for years.

Families can be chaotic, with no boundaries or they can be so overprotective that life is lived on a very restricted level with intense enabling. Some families can be rigid, controlling, and perfection-based, with achievement as the key, which can often lead to depression and loss of self-worth.

Our next workshops will be held in January, 2018 at Camino Recovery, Velez-Malaga, Spain.

For more information or to book your place please contact, Loren Eden at the Camino Recovery on +34 951 107 195

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