David Scourfield

David Scourfield

Marketing Coordinator

David Scourfield is the marketing coordinator at Camino Recovery.

He was born and raised just outside of London, and he has spent much of his professional career working in the property industry, managing assets for clients including Lloyds TSB and Royal Insurance.

Prior to his career, David studied estate management at Leicester University and has since lived and worked in multiple countries, including Ireland, Cape Town and Malta. While in Cape Town, David entered a rehab facility to access treatment for himself for addiction.

It was here that his work with recovery began. David spent a decade living in Cape Town and working in property, as well as volunteering his spare time to work at local treatment centres.

With first-hand experience as a patient at a rehab centre, David knows the importance of finding the right location with the perfect staff. It’s a challenging hurdle to overcome for anyone looking for a rehab centre, but it’s a worthwhile pursuit if you’re wanting to get sober and stay sober.

A few years after his return to the UK in 2014, David decided to relocate to Spain, and finally, David found Camino Recovery.

Outside of the workplace, David has a passion for writing, and he actively writes for property companies in the UK and overseas.

David Scourfield