Camino Recovery is a haven. A place where I could just be, and be accepted and loved. One of the most wonderful things was the encouragement to feel my feelings, to listen to them and to see the value of them without the need to hide them or justify them. It was a unique opportunity to focus uninterrupted on what works and doesn’t about my life.

I began to accept and even appreciate who I am. My time at Camino Recovery helped me to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. This was hugely valuable, a glimpse of light and of hope, however small, spurred me on. I began to learn that my worth comes from within, not outside of myself in what I achieve and know. It gave me the courage to begin to trust my gut, trust my intuition and trust myself. It is by no means a quick fix. I faced a lot of dark times, but it did give me the wherewithal to take the next steps towards more fulfilment and inner peace.

The situation of the place was inspiring in itself, a spiritual place and a place of great beauty. People who work there and other clients helped me hugely, both in being vulnerable themselves and allowing me to share my humanity with them. When I think of Camino Recovery now, my heart fills with warmth and inspiration. I do wish that more people had the opportunity to take the time and space to be at a place like Camino Recovery to begin to heal their lives.

I could not have come this far without all your love and commitment to me. I love you all for your perseverance and patience with me. Everyone here has touched my heart and I am so overwhelmed with love. Thank you for lighting up my life with love.