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Luxurious Residential  Centre for the Treatment of Trauma  and Addiction 

Why choose Camino Recovery


Camino is a family run business borne out of personal experiences and focuses on the treatment of Trauma, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety and other Mental health conditions. Our programs are residential and run for 30-90 days. 

At Camino we are focussed on the specific needs of each client. Our diverse areas of expertise means we can really listen to the client and create an environment in which they can feel safe and thrive. Our greatest motivation is to see clients leave here rejuvenated and emotionally aware to deal with the challenges of life in a healthier way.

Each member of staff brings their own lived experiences to the team and are selected for their  desire to provide a level of care and support second to none. The client is at the centre of everything we do.

Our centre is set in an elevated and isolated spot with The Mediterranean sea to the front and the Tejeda Mountains to the rear. Each Suite is individually designed  and provides the level of comfort that our clients require.

All encompassing Treatment

The goal of Camino Recovery is to help clients recover from a variety of addictions; from drugs and alcohol, co-dependency, social media/gaming, eating disorders (post-acute care), and smoking, as well as mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, personal disorder difficulties, trauma and family systems issues.

Our belief is that issues with addiction and mental health are strongly influenced by adverse life experiences. By focusing on these adverse experiences or traumas, not only do we address the most fundamental aspects of the person, but it also allows us to address a wide number of symptoms and disorders.

Simply put, if you’re struggling with mental health or addiction in any way, we have staff members trained to address your needs. In the event that we don’t feel we are the best facility for your needs, we will still complete an assessment for you at no charge and provide you with referrals from trusted treatment providers whom we’ve worked closely with.

Our Expertise

Camino Recovery prides itself on being a leader in the field of addiction treatment.

Every member of the team at Camino Recovery has a highly specialised skill set, and together, we empower our clients to improve their quality of life, reduce unnecessary pain and regain their independence.

Our therapists have trained to MA level at eminent universities and are experienced in dealing with a range of emotional, physical and behavioural conditions. They continue to research, review and implement new evidence-based practices which enhance the treatment of our clients. Our programme director has been a pioneer in the development of EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy) as a therapeutic tool in both the USA and Europe.

Our Philosophy

We believe that true clinical care must be holistic. Our programme applies a diverse set of evidence-based treatments to help move the mind, body, and spirit forward. Our team is diverse both in their treatment specialities, and their individual backgrounds create a culturally attuned atmosphere.

We believe that true clinical care must be person-centred. Working in smaller groups allows for the individualised care needed to truly see and understand client needs. Our clinical team has been selected and trained to meet the diverse needs of our clients and to ensure that the treatment needed is the treatment provided.


We understand that asking for help can be difficult. Our admissions team understand that and immediately put you at ease. They are here to answer any questions you might have and take away any stress you may feel. The first step is to reach out and ask for a professional assessment with one of our clinical team.


For 30 day Stay:

Our Pricing policy is based on 30 days and he required duration will be assessed on an ongoing basis with your Clinical team

Private En Suite Room €28,500

Prices are fully inclusive.

A typical stay at Camino is between 30 and 90 days

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We treat all of our clients with the utmost care, dignity and respect. Call now for a totally confidential, no-obligation conversation with one of our professionals.

Whether you’re calling for yourself or someone you know, you needn’t suffer alone.