OCD Treatment

What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

Obsessive thoughts can be invasive in a number of ways. Generally, they are anxiety-based, occurring in relation to factors such as hygiene, contamination, order, symmetry, self-doubt, body dysmorphia, anger, guilt and fear of the future.

These overwhelming thought patterns can be debilitating, leading to a build-up of tension and distress.

Compulsive actions or behaviours become impossible to ignore when an urge arises. Once complete, the person may experience some temporary relief; however, the repetitive behaviours or rituals have a binding effect.

People can be compulsive in any area of life, for example, excessive hoarding, tics (repetitive movements, sounds, grimacing), arranging, cleaning (personal hygiene and/or surroundings), organising, counting and checking.

Some people may have specific triggers or have learnt to use mood-altering substances in order to cope, by blocking or numbing out.

Obsessive-compulsive traits are not hard and fast, they can become better or worse at any time depending on a number of different factors, and internal and external stressors. 

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How is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Treated?

Due to the fact that OCD has a broad spectrum of symptoms and people are so different, there is no single solution.

A combination of medication and psychotherapy is usually the best approach. More recently, brain stimulation is receiving attention as a viable solution in this field.

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