OCD Treatment

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

Obsessive thoughts can be invasive in a number of ways. Generally they are anxiety based, occurring in relation to factors such as hygiene, contamination, order, symmetry, self doubt, body dysmorphia, anger, guilt and fear of the future. 

These overwhelming thought patterns can be debilitating, leading to a build up of tension and distress.

Compulsive actions or behaviours become impossible to ignore when an urge arises. Once complete, the person may experience some temporary relief, however the repetitive behaviours or rituals have a binding effect. 

People can be compulsive in any area of life for example: excessive hoarding, tics (repetitive movements, sounds, grimacing), arranging, cleaning (personal hygiene and/or surroundings), organising, counting and checking.

Some people may have specific triggers or have learnt to use mood altering substances in order to cope, by blocking or numbing out. 

Obsessive compulsive traits are not hard and fast, they become better or worse at any time depending on a number of different factors, internal and external stressors.

How is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treated?

Due to the fact that OCD has a broad spectrum of symptoms and people are so different, there is no single solution. 

A combination of medication and psychotherapy is usually the best combination. More recently brain stimulation is receiving more attention as a viable solution in this field.

Why Camino Recovery?

Unfortunately, mental health conditions such as these can easily be misinterpreted or simply missed all together. Having a clinical team well versed in mental health can be vital in finding an accurate diagnosis and therefore a relevant treatment plan.

Here at Camino we have a dedicated team of professionals offering a bespoke clinical treatment plan using evidence based techniques.

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