When it comes to recovery, the cuisines we eat play a large part in health and wellness, and consequently, food is a big part of the culture here at Camino Recovery. The first thing you need to know about our range of cuisine is this – we insist on locally-sourced produce that is packed with flavour.

We have two chefs at Camino Recovery. Between them, they congregate a wide array of culinary cultures, from traditional Spanish flare to international cuisines spanning France, Mexico and Italy.

Mari, our first chef, was born and bred in Velez, Malaga. She has spent her entire working life in Spanish hospitality, and she brings a lot to the table (pun intended).

Mari takes great pride in the preparation and serving of her bespoke dishes to our international clients, and her work ethic ensures every client is cared for individually.

Our chefs



Rus joined the team in 2022 and is passionate about food.

In his 30 years of experience, he has worked at some great British institutions such as Harrods of London and as a chef in the British Army. He also ran his own hotel on the Norfolk coast, where he earned a prestigious AA Rosette award for the restaurant.

In his free time, he enjoys Spanish gardening and walking in the Andalucían countryside and sampling the food of the region. He insists that ingredients are locally sourced, fresh, seasonal and of the highest quality.



At Camino Recovery, Mari is known for two signature dishes, Paella and Albondigas. During our family week (which is when visiting family spend time with clients), it is tradition to serve Paella, and Mari’s dish is delectably heart-warming.

Her Albondigas – which is a traditional pork or chicken meatball in an almond sauce – is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives, even if we do say so ourselves. Of course, there’s more to Mari’s cooking than her signature dishes. Her sugar-free cheesecake, for example, is always a crowd-pleaser.

We accommodate a diverse range of cultures, religions and dietary needs here at Camino Recovery, and our chefs can easily adapt and accommodate specific needs while retaining a focus on health, nutrition, flavour and, most importantly, wellness. When it comes to dietary needs, we can accommodate for:

We all know that food isn’t just about eating. The experience of where we eat plays an important role in promoting health and wellness, too.

At Camino Recovery, we encourage our clients to enjoy their food wherever they see fit. Sure, the dining area with its log fire provides a relaxed and comfortable space to tuck in, but during the summertime, when the sun is hot, and there’s a light breeze in the air, the privacy of our walled gardens makes for the perfect place for lunch, along with some holistic rest and recuperation.

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