Family Programme

What is our family programme?

Camino Recovery’s family programme is open to anyone who cares about someone with an addiction or lives with any level of dysfunction within their family system, social or work network. Your loved one does not have to be attending any of our programmes for you to take part.

The stress of living or working with somebody suffering from compulsive behaviour can have physical, emotional, social and spiritual consequences. Spending time in a dysfunctional environment can often leave you feeling confused, frustrated, angry and helpless. By identifying how compulsivity affects families and what family members can do to take care of themselves, the programme promotes healing and helps to alleviate confusion and anxiety. By becoming aware of the beliefs and experiences that shape your own behaviours, you find new healthy ways of coping with relationships. Just as everyone in any system is affected when one member suffers from a compulsive disorder, when the whole family are involved in the recovery process, the results are greatly improved.

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What to expect at our family programme?

Our family programme runs over 4 or 5 days, during which you will have the chance to meet with your loved one’s therapists and participate in process groups and educational sessions. During this time, you will learn more about family systems, boundaries, communication and the best ways to support your family member in their recovery.

The structure of our family programme involves the following:

Above all, the family programme is designed to promote your well-being. Through education and guidance, you will learn that you cannot cure or control your loved one’s behaviour but that you can take responsibility for your own health and happiness.

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