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Upcoming Family Workshops 2023*

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Psychological trauma and its repercussions are still being researched and understood. With decades of experience in this specific field, the clinical team here at Camino Recovery can guide you through the process, from identifying trauma triggers to understanding your responses and helping you to develop new coping skills. The aim is emotional resilience rather than emotional overwhelm.


Codependency is a pattern of self-defeating behaviours that can sometimes be difficult to identify. Patterns of self-denial, an inability to be assertive, difficulty verbalising emotions and self-sabotage are just a few of the common traits. Sufferers can remain locked in these patterns for years, blocking them from intimacy and resulting in excessive anxiety and control. Here at Camino Recovery, we provide a safe place in which to address these issues and heal.


Anxiety can affect every facet of a person’s functioning; nutrition, sleep, productivity, play, relationships and even the ability to enjoy life. Stress contributes greatly to relapse behaviours. Often people seek to 'medicate' the symptoms of their anxiety without taking the time and effort to explore their issues and allow healing.


Depression and depressive symptoms can be all-consuming, sapping people of their strength and often leading to isolation. By exploring and identifying the sources of depression and treating underlying causes, we take a detailed and thorough approach to treatment, offering our clients the best possible first step on their journey.


Shame can be a difficult emotion to identify and analyse. For many, it has been a part of their lives for so long that it has become a part of them. It remains hidden in secrecy and denial, very often masked by perfectionism to numb the pain. Learning how to recognise shame and allowing yourself to work through painful thoughts and emotions (damaged integrity) is essential to self-acceptance and positive well-being.


This is a four or five day (depending on numbers) workshop to help families struggling with dysfunctional or compulsive behaviours. It helps families overcome the pain and disillusionment of past harmful experiences and shows that families can heal, however severe the damage. The process is demanding and emotional as it presents opportunities for growth, learning and healing.

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