Family Interventions


A common misconception is that you must ‘hit rock bottom’ before making the changes you need to get back on track.

Denial obscures the true extent of the problem and the impact it is having on those around you. You do not ask for the help you need, so your compulsive behaviours spiral out of control – damaging your relationships, job prospects and health – until a crisis or pivotal experience forces you to see the truth and find a solution.

But this solution could have come much sooner.

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An intervention is a professionally directed, educational process involving a gathering of key individuals who have been impacted by their loved one. It can prevent some of the worst effects of dysfunctional behaviour patterns. By working with a family to help their loved one, we offer an early route to recovery that can turn a life around before unnecessary damage is done.

The goal of intervention is to present the individual with a structured opportunity to accept help and make changes. Appropriate intervention offered with love and support is extremely effective. It allows you to confront the denial that is so prevalent in addiction and lay the foundations for a brighter, healthier future not just for the individual, but for the whole family.

Family intervention is suitable for all kinds of addiction, including drugs, alcohol, food and compulsive behaviours. With over 30 years of experience in this area, we offer a complete service from the initial assessment right through to post-treatment care. This seamless package of care is designed not only for a loved one, but for every family member concerned.

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