Our Team

Meet our team

Every member of the team at Camino Recovery has a highly specialised skill set, and together, we empower our clients to improve their quality of life, reduce unnecessary pain and regain their independence.

Our therapists have trained to MA level at eminent universities and are experienced in dealing with a range of emotional, physical and behavioural conditions. They continue to research, review and implement new evidence-based practices which enhance the treatment of our clients. Our programme director has been a pioneer in the development of EAP (equine-assisted psychotherapy) as a therapeutic tool in both the USA and Europe.

Camino Recovery prides itself on being a leader in the field of addiction treatment.

Clinical Team

Dr. José Manuel Sánchez

Consultant Psychiatrist


Consultant Doctor

Don Lavender, BA, MDiv,

Programme Director

Ameet Braich, BEng, MA, CADC (IC&RC)

Clinical Director

Meena Lavender

Director and Family Therapist

Ines Camino Recovery

Inés García Hierrezuelo, BA, MA

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Vik Patel BSc,MSc, DPsych

DBT Therapist

Nadia Samuelsson Therapist

Nadia SamuelsSon MSc, BSC

Psychologist and EMDR Therapist

Araceli Guiote PhD

Art Therapist

Janet Floyer MA

Creative Writing Therapist

Administration/Liaison Team

Loren Eden BSc

Intake coordinator, Administration and Finance

David Scourfield

David Scourfield

Relationship Management

Mier Weaver

Intake Coordinator

CLINICAL Support Team

Katie Scully BA

Clinical Aid

Yvonne Lewis

Clinical Aid/Chef

Nicki Bracey

Clinical Aid

Lionel Billingy

Clinical Aid/Spiritual Advisor

Rebecca OConnor


Clinical Aid and Yoga Teacher

Mari Carmen Silva Aparicio


Wellness Team

Tanya Boucher​

Yoga Instructor

Liv Jacobs


Tai Chi & Qi Gong Wellness Expert

Alex Fenn

Massage Therapist

Joanna Lissel

Massage and Personal Training