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In our formative years, life-shaping events, people and beliefs form an individual profile. This, along with varying personality types, traumatic events, and cultural differences, all combine to form a complex and unique personal clinical history.

No two people are the same. In this vein, no single treatment approach can be effective for all. Formulating an effective treatment plan involves input from the client, additional information from family, friends, clinicians and the experienced, qualified team here at Camino Recovery.

Assessing, diagnosing and implementing, using a plethora of evidence-based, multimodal forms of therapy, in a caring, non-judgemental manner is what we do best.

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During the initial assessment phase, we look to build a clinical profile in order to develop an understanding of the prominent issues. The clinical team is sensitive to which types of therapy work best for each individual, and they build and adjust a treatment plan accordingly.

Built around the therapeutic programme, is the wellness aspect of the process. This involves looking at sleep, nutrition, relationships, a sense of purpose and, in some cases, encouraging abstinence from other compulsive behaviour and thought patterns. We have a range of additional and complementary processes, such as massage, meditation, acupuncture.

It is important that each client leaves Camino Recovery having received a balanced treatment programme in all areas, not just psychological, and we encourage a long-term recovery plan to continue after they have left. We believe in total transparency and involve our clients every step of the way. Camino Recovery’s ethos is to empower the individual, giving them responsibility for every facet of their well-being.

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