Individual Therapy

What is individual therapy?

We recognise that opening up to others about personal issues can be difficult, particularly if you have been raised in an environment where feelings are not discussed. By choosing to open up to a therapist you will probably find the process of introspection challenging, effective and ultimately rewarding.

Our aim is not to foster a long-term dependence on the therapeutic relationship nor to direct our clients in their lives. Our goal is to facilitate change in a respectful, non-judgemental manner. There are many approaches to psychotherapy, all require a level of willingness to progress.

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Whether you’re calling for yourself or someone you know, you needn’t suffer alone.

How can individual therapy help me?

Some of our clients want to solve specific issues in the shortest time possible. For example, phobias, grief work or anger management. In other cases, a deeper, long-term approach is required in order to resolve self-defeating patterns of behaviour. Through the process of education and raising self-awareness in a safe, structured environment, we offer the best possible solution to bringing about effective long-term change.

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