At Camino Recovery, we believe that testimonials from our alumni are a true reflection of our commitment to excellence. Below you can read some of our most recent recovery stories. Our greatest joy is to hear from past clients whose lives have changed for the better.

Camino is a centre that offers a highly professional standard of Trauma and addiction treatment. The centre is situated in a beautiful, calming environment. Staff are always more than happy to accommodate and provide support, help, and advice tailored to each individual.

Jane, UK 2024

All in all a memorable challenging but enjoyable experience. I would thoroughly recommend the venue to the staff and the processes used here to anyone seeking a route to recovery.

CS, Spain

My experience at Camino has been excellent from the initial contact with the admin team to the experience with the clinical staff. I felt in experienced I didnt expect.I am looking forward to a life worth living.

Jane, Australia

I am indebted and owe my life to this place… it saved me.

Trudy - UK

I came to Camino Recovery suffering from PTSD. I was in a bad way and I am leaving very content, peaceful and with much more confidence. I am very grateful to all the staff who have helped me throughout my stay. So helpful in so many ways. Thank you Camino Recovery for showing me the light.


Camino Recovery and all involved have been wonderfully kind and supportive throughout my stay. I will be leaving with a newfound confidence I didn’t know I had, an understanding of who I am, and the tools needed to keep me on my path to recovery, and for that, I am truly grateful. Thank you to each and every one of you (and that includes Hugo too!)


Changed my life and my family forever. Thank you for saving me.

Lucy (21 years old)

Today is the day for me to say goodbye. I feel happy. I feel sad. I feel anxious.

The days here were special…

I was full of anger, and I was frightened. I was sad. Something changed. You all helped me to find the courage to open my eyes and start questioning me. I feel happy because I can look into the mirror and see my eyes smiling to life.

I am not alone, and I never will be. I deserve to ask for help, and I deserve not to be judged. I need to take care of myself and be able to take care of others. I understand this. Thanks to you all.


Thank you! Thank you for everything! Thank you!

Lucy - UK (Family member of client- after participation in Family workshop)

Camino Recovery changed my life! I was surrounded by darkness and pain before I came here. Their comprehensive programme and incredible staff provided a safe and welcoming environment to get some real work done. I have learnt so much about myself and others and gained tools and wisdom that will help carry me forward on my journey with light and love.


This week I have been blown away by Camino Recovery and the family programme. The caring and skills demonstrated by the Camino Recovery team, and by the dignity, respect and kindness afforded to the clients and all participants.

John - Clients Parent (re: Family Week)

When I arrived at Camino Recovery, I was on the verge of losing the relationships that were most precious to me. After treatment here, I am transformed. Once again, I am able to feel emotions long forgotten, I am committed to a journey of recovery, and I’m emotionally available to the ones around me I most love. Coming here was one of the best decisions and moments in my life.


I came to Camino Recovery with my life looking like a mess. I was unhappy, depressed, and totally out of control. I had a hard time dealing with and understanding life and its purpose.

During my journey, I have learned how to clean up my messes and was given tools for how to enjoy life and what it’s really about. I have learned how to properly laugh again and make connections with those around me. I got my family back.

This was the best decision I could ever have made.

Julie (21 years old)

I have recently had the privilege of visiting Camino Recovery. As a professional in the field, it is vital to have an understanding and insight into the way that treatment facilities care for and heal clients. Whilst there, I experienced such a level of transparency, revealing methodologies and the team delivering them to be so rich with authenticity, dedication and ability, that I left feeling refreshed and invigorated myself.

At Camino the client truly comes first. This is not a line that I use lightly. Every member of the team remains open, agile and creative in finding ways to deliver the wisdom and care that is so important to people struggling with the deeply complex issues that bring them to the door.

Employing a range of modalities, from insightful clinical support through to deeply empathic work, I was able to experience first hand the spectrum of care on offer taking effect in real time for a client. Notably taking part in the equine therapy session. Camino believes strongly in the power of this work and I saw that clearly in Ameet (Clinical Director) as he built and held a safe, supportive space for this man to experience apprehension and discomfort alongside the purity of the horse’s experience, as a pathway to transformation. Put simply, it allowed the client to experience himself and the world around him in an entirely new way, a cornerstone to any effective journey of recovery.

However, it’s not only the team and their hard work that support clients in their recovery. The location and venue create the perfect backdrop for the serenity required to tackle the work ahead. The peaceful seclusion of the of the mountainous setting holds a beautifully designed and built venue that authentically becomes a trusted home while you heal.

Paul White, Recovery Coach

We dropped Mark off at the airport as he is away for two months doing volunteer work in a game park, and then hopefully another 3 months around the continent, all depending on Covid. The Mark we said goodbye to is the best Mark for at least the last 6 years. He is really the best he can be; open, continuously in a positive and happy mood, nothing is an issue, very sociable and interacting with us, full of energy, disciplined, committed, sensitive, and also clear about what he wants. He is a delight.

You have been so instrumental in his recovery. Without your dedication, commitment, love and professionalism, this would never have happened. We are so grateful, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have changed our lives as a family, our lives as parents, and his life as a human being, forever, and for the best. Of course, he worked hard himself and went all the way, but if he hadn’t met you, we are not sure if he would have been able to achieve what he has. We look with confidence into the future, without being naive. He will face challenges and setbacks, but he learned how to handle those.

As you probably know, he picked up school again and graduated with grades. Next summer, he will start university at home.

We will never forget you, thank you so much!

Mark's Parents

I have the great fortune of working in the mental health field and often I am called upon to visit treatment centers in different parts of the world. What sets one establishment apart from another is generally always the efforts of the team members on hand; those responsible for creating and delivering the programmes of rehabilitation – it is in this sphere that Camino Recovery excels.

The Camino approach is sophisticated and personal, using proven techniques, it is delivered with empathy, understanding and genuine care for those suffering. I feel this is further reinforced by a collective belief held by each of the Camino team, that their offerings really do change people’s lives.

I witnessed firsthand the transformative benefits of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy; a peer in early recovery learning to trust, build rapport and be present for another being. This was a magical moment for those in attendance; observing someone in need of connection and that call being answered, by a horse, nonetheless.

Along with a clinical programme of cutting-edge treatments, a range of wellness activities, luxurious facilities and a breathtaking Andalusian setting, Camino Recovery really is a unique and remarkable place for those in need of healing.

Lee, Addiction Specialist

I have just completed my 30 day Program at Camino, I have found my stay to be very satisfying and the treatment was second to none from Yoga in the morning to group therapy with Ameet who i would like to say was absolutely brilliant and made me feel completely at ease and able to open up. Everything was so relaxed in a wonderful environment.

john, Alcoholic 2023

What an experience-i came in on my lowest of low and they welcomed me,had compassion and respect from Day 1. The staff is incredible, The environment heavenly and therapy sessions is rewarding in so many ways. Thank you for taking me in, got me back on my feet and sends me away with tools and plans to keep me alive.

Ingrid 2023

Could not say thanks enough Camino Family for preparing my new foundation. After struggling a couple of years you let me see the light again. You are amazing!

Bert, Alcoholic 2023

I would like to thank all staff at Camino from the kitchen team to the Clinical Team for their care and contributions to my recovery. 

I am leaving as a stronger person and a better version of myself, and made lifelong friends and thought the family week process was valuable.

Judith - UK

What an Experience. I came in on my lowest of low and they welcomed me,had compassion and respect from day 1. The staff is incredible , the environment is heavenly and therapy sessions are rewarding in so many ways. Thank you for taking me in, got me back on my feet and shipped me away with tools and plans to keep me alive.

Anneka July 2023


The gracious thanks we receive from family members serve as a daily reminder of the significance and purpose of the work that we do here.

What follows are just a few of the many kind words we have received from the loved ones of our clients. We are privileged to take part in this healing work and consider it an honour. In return, we honour their courage by sharing their words.