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The goal of Camino Recovery is to help clients recover from a variety of addictions; from drugs and alcohol, co-dependency, social media/gaming, eating disorders (post-acute care), smoking and as well as mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, personality disorder difficulties, trauma and family systems issues.

Our belief is that issues with addiction and mental health are strongly influenced by adverse life experiences. By focusing on these adverse experiences or traumas, not only do we address the most fundamental aspects of the person, it also allows us to address a wide number of symptoms and disorders.

Simply put, if you’re struggling with mental health or addiction in any way, we have staff members trained to address your needs. In the event that we don’t feel we are the best facility for you, we will still complete an assessment at no charge and provide you with referrals from trusted treatment providers whom we’ve worked closely with.

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We treat all of our clients with the utmost care, dignity and respect. Call now for a totally confidential, no-obligation conversation with one of our professionals.

Whether you’re calling for yourself or someone you know, you needn’t suffer alone.