Relapse Prevention

What is relapse?

Relapse is a return to active addiction after a period of abstinence, often stress related and devastating in its repercussions. Unfortunately the detoxification period is just the beginning. If the individual is to achieve any level of long-term sobriety they need to make significant life changes. Addiction like many chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma can be treated. However, failure to continue to manage the condition can result in a relapse of the illness and in the case of addiction, a return to old behaviours.

What is relapse prevention?

We prefer to call it ‘Recovery Planning’. This is an individualised process of identifying patterns of denial, triggers and stressors that play a key role in addiction. By learning to recognise these warning signs, you can break out of the addictive cycle, giving you the breathing space to use a new set of coping strategies. Such as:

Factors such as shame and dishonesty can keep people trapped in the addictive cycle for months and even years, this can be avoided with adequate preparation.

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