12-Step Programme

What is the 12-step programme?

The 12-step programme is a practical self-help programme established by a doctor and stock broker in the 1930s to treat alcohol addiction. They drew on various sources available to them at the time and developed a pragmatic, personal responsibility approach. It has since been adapted to treat other compulsive disorders, including emotions, mood-altering substances, gambling, sex, relationships, love, codependency, exercise, work, self-harm, online gaming and eating disorders. Alongside group therapy, it is widely accepted as the most universally effective treatment available over the last fifty years.

The 12-steps are a guiding framework through which a variety of therapeutic interventions can be woven depending on your needs. It works on the premise that individuals can help one another achieve and maintain long-term remission from obsessive and/or compulsive traits. Although the 12-step philosophy includes a spiritual foundation, it is not associated with any religion, which is one reason it is so universally accepted.

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Benefits of 12-step facilitation

This evidence-based, comprehensive approach allows you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of every aspect of your life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It offers practical support, reduces feelings of shame and isolation and empowers you to nurture your own recovery.

Driven by its primary purpose (to stay well and help others recover), its many fellowships around the world act as a vital support system to millions. During your stay with us, you will complete your first steps and attend regular 12-step meetings. It is strongly recommended that on leaving treatment, you find a sponsor (a more experienced member) who can guide you through the remaining steps.

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