A “Healing the Family” Workshop Could Be the Answer…

It is believed that in order to fully tackle and treat addiction, deep-seated family troubles must be identified and addressed. It is easy for families to point the finger at the addict but in fact the whole family needs help, and the whole family system is likely to need change. Whether the family like it or not, and many cannot face up to it, they are involved in addiction and they need to confront the problem, but carefully, without it coming across as blame.

Help for families can be just as important as help for an addict alone. If you don’t work with an addicts family they can get as well as they possibly can in rehab, but revert back to their old ways as soon as they are back in the home system. A Family Workshop from Camino Recovery is about the systems, messages and role modelling that we all received or did not receive in our lives. The overall goal is to overcome the pain and disillusionment of harmful experiences from the past and prepare for the positive future.

What is important to remember is that your family will have been influenced by their family of origin, so blame and judgement is to be avoided. Family work is a pivotal part within a system, which allows insight into the dynamics that may have plagued them. Without blame, the family will have the opportunity to open lines of communication that may have been damaged or closed for years.

These objectives will be achieved through communication exercises, group interaction, educational components and lectures. It allows each individual to process specific and unique issues. With the tools we offer, family members have permission to allow feelings to show, helping to enable healing, relief and resolution. After completing the workshop, if you trust the process and are willing to try another way, you will have a greater understanding of yourself, your feelings, and the human experience that we all walk through together.

A four and a half day ‘Healing the Family Workshop’ put on by Camino Recovery provides addiction treatment for families. Workshops are held at the Camino retreat in Velez Malaga and at a UK Renewal Centre in Reading.

Healing within a family is one of the most important elements of maintaining a healthy family. This programme is specifically designed to learn about dysfunctional, compulsive behaviours. The work is sometimes difficult, often emotional, and always filled with the opportunity for growth and healing. You can attend one of these workshops if you are a family, a close friend or loved or even a therapist wishing to gain further invaluable experience.

Family healing workshops are £695 per person (this includes refreshments and lunch). There are also some means tested bursary places available for the UK workshops, more information available upon request. If you’d like to find out more about the Family Workshop, then please contact Meena Lavender at the Camino Recovery Centre on +44 207 558 8420 or visit www.caminorecovery.com.


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