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Camino Recovery

Housed in a beautiful large Spanish country house boasting a swimming pool in its abundant exotic gardens, the Camino Recovery Centre is an intimate and discreet 12-bed facility, which runs 30 to 90-day residential programmes to treat a vast array of addictions; from alcohol, drugs and eating disorders to compulsive gambling or sex, as well as prevalent co-morbid conditions such as trauma and depression.

We have a great team on site and our clinicians, psychiatrists, doctors, therapists and nursing staff are trained in all areas of addiction, with specialist knowledge and a commitment to the utmost care and dedication to each individual.

Our clinical team has more than eighty years of experience in the treatment of addiction and we address the condition as a progressive illness that affects the whole family, believing that addiction is often rooted in a history of abuse and traumatic exposure, a view supported by a large body of recent research.

Whether the cause is a painful childhood, an abusive relationship, failure to deal with stress, lack of coping mechanisms or any number of traumatic experiences, we aim to treat the root of the addiction and give insight and understanding of each condition, as well as teaching each patient new skills and coping strategies for life when they leave the centre.

With only twelve beds, we pride ourselves on being able to give each client highly individualised care and a tailor made treatment plan. Diet, routine, therapy sessions, exercises and all treatments are specially designed to cater to the needs of each person, and the calm and quiet location provides absolute peace and tranquillity in which to unwind and heal.

Based on the twelve-step approach, we address all areas of the addiction, tackling the dependence itself, but also – and often more importantly – its cause and the patterns of behaviour that surround it. The method is simple, by understanding each case and giving our clients the awareness of the roots and causes, we can supply them with the tools they can implement in their everyday life.

From meditation and calming techniques to practising gratitude and self-help meetings, we cover all areas of the basic twelve-step programme, as well as using many different forms of therapy, including Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, a four day family programme each month, counselling, holistic therapies, auricular acupuncture and yoga.

With the expertise of our attentive staff, the kindness and patience of our whole team and the gentle, calming atmosphere of the secluded retreat, this is the ultimate place to heal in beautiful, peaceful surroundings and to restore mind, body and soul.

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