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As one of the most progressive countries in the Gulf, Bahrain has received both positive and negative when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

On the one hand, it has enjoyed a boost in tourism thanks to its relatively lax laws for the sale and consumption of alcohol. On the other, it has also experienced a rise in illegal drug use over the past few years.

All of this has put a strain on the nation’s existing rehabilitation infrastructure with experts calling for more developments to be made.

Statistics for Drug & Alcohol Use in Bahrain

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While there are no official government figures for the annual consumption rate of drugs and alcohol within Bahrain, we can get an idea about the prevalence of both use and addiction through global studies and local observations by the experts.

The WHO’s country profile for Bahrain estimated that 2.18% of males aged over 15 had an alcohol use disorder in 2004. Furthermore, World Drink Trends 2010 states that 21.2 litres of alcohol was consumed per year per capita in Bahrain.

With regards to illegal drugs, the WHO estimated that 0.07% of females and 0.44% of males had some sort of related disorder in 2004. In 2006, the United Nations stated that there were approximately 20,000 to 30,000 drug addicts in the country.

While the average age of Bahraini drug users admitted to local hospitals was between 30 and 50, experts are seeing a rise in narcotic use by children and adolescents. These are usually related to older drug users who are often unwilling to listen to advice about treatment and rehabilitation from their habits.

Rehabilitation Options in Bahrain

Within Bahrain, there is currently one primary drug and alcohol rehab centre: the Almoayyed Drug Rehabilitation Unit at Salmaniya Medical Complex in Manama. This was financed in 1987 by Yousuf Khalil Almoayyed after the passing of his son.

The facility treats a growing number of patients each year. For instance, Gulf Daily News reports that 173 addicts were admitted in 2013, an increase of 13% from 2012.

Each week, the unit’s outpatient clinic treats 60 to 80 patients of both genders.

Those seeking rehabilitation in Bahrain can also contact the Addicts Friends Society (AFS) which started in 2006 to help people combat their drug and alcohol use disorders.

One of their priorities is to give attention to females who cannot check into the male-only Almoayyed Drug Rehab Unit. This group aims for long-term results, teaching addicts how to once again integrate with society, avoiding relapse along the way.

Rehab Alternatives for Bahrainis

Despite these steps forward, there have still been calls for further developments in Bahrain’s drug and alcohol rehab field. Bahrain News Agency writes that a major lawmaker has asked for a specialised rehabilitation hospital to be built to meet the growing needs of addicts around the country.

Until that day though, many Bahrainis choose to seek assistance overseas at a centre that offers true international standards of care. In this way, they can treat their drug or alcohol use disorder in a manner that offers greater efficiency and a higher chance of success.

Camino Recovery is a private drug and alcohol rehab centre located on the Andalusian Coast in Spain. We welcome people from all over Bahrain, offering first-class therapy to help treat your specific type of addiction.

Our personalised treatment programmes are administered by an experienced team of clinical and support staff. We aim for long term results, ensuring you can return to Bahrain without lapsing back into the same routine.

Real Results at Our Private Rehab Centre

At Camino, we have more than 80 years of experience dealing with drug and alcohol disorders of all types. We use modern treatments such as group therapy, equine assisted psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to help individuals come to terms with their symptoms and develop positive habits which encourage a healthier, happier lifestyle in the future.

This is all offered in a warm, friendly environment tailored to encourage real-life change in all our guests.

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Our private retreat is located about an hour’s drive from Malaga Airport. This can be reached after a 12-hour flight from Bahrain, with a layover in Frankfurt or Istanbul.

After a comfortable journey with airlines such as Gulf Air, Lufthansa and Turkish Airways, one of our personal drivers will meet you at the airport and whisk you away to our facilities.

When you have checked into Camino Recovery, you can commence your customised treatment programme and work towards a much brighter future.


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