Drug and Alcohol Rehab Jordan

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Jordan

While Jordan is one of the few Middle Eastern countries with a government that is committed to tackling drug related harms, medical and psychological assistance provided by the state still fails to live up to the large number of citizens taking illicit drugs.

In 2009 alone, over 3,500 individuals were apprehended for possessing and taking drugs such as opium, hashish, heroin and marijuana. The amphetamine, captagon, is also very popular in Jordan’s drug scene being used by students, truck drivers and partygoers.

Rehab Centres in Jordan

In 2000, the National Centre for the Rehabilitation of Addicts (NCRA) was opened nearby Amman. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) helped the local government develop the facility which has a total capacity of 60 beds with options to expand in the future. The Centre has seen moderate success with 2,900 cases dealt with between 2001 and 2013. A very small percentage of these were women however. In fact, IRIN News wrote that the NCRA only opened a ward specifically for female patients for the first time in early 2005. This was due to a lack of available staff who were experienced in treating the needs of females dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Despite a 2001 proposal to open seven more outreach units throughout the country, the National reports that, in addition to the NCRA, there are only two more rehab centres currently open in Jordan, one run by the public security department and the other by the private sector. This presents a limited number of options for those seeking help with drug and alcohol addiction within the country.

Attitude towards Drug Abuse in Jordan

While steps have been taken to reduce the stigma of drug abuse in Jordanian society, there is still a long way to go. The NCRA has helped by presenting an avenue to discuss this taboo topic as have public officials such as Former Prime Minister, Nader Dahabi, admitting that Jordan has a serious drug abuse problem. In further good news, a recent law was also passed which gives addicts the chance to receive treatment and not to be penalised when detained for drug-related offences for the first time.

Progress is slow however, and with the social stigma still lingering, many choose to seek rehabilitation abroad. The fear of any negative repercussions if family, friends and colleagues found out is still quite significant. Furthermore, the limited number of facilities and lengthy waiting lists in Jordan also mean patients have to look to foreign countries for centres which can help them break free from their addiction.

Spanish Rehab Programs for Jordanians

For those who want a private place to tackle their drug and alcohol addiction without having to wait for an open bed at the NCRA are welcome here at Camino Recovery. From our tranquil location on the Andalusian Coast, we offer tailored treatment to help individuals overcome their addiction and live a sober life in the future. Those entering into our programs wont need to inform their employer or family either, making this a truly confidential choice.

Rehab Facilities and an Expert Team

Camino Recovery is located on the Mediterranean coast in a private, serene site where your body and mind can heal at its own pace. Our private villa is situated amongst beautifully landscaped gardens with an onsite swimming pool for further relaxation and peace. In this harmonious environment, away from the temptations of your current lifestyle in Jordan, you can find your old sober self and break free from the chains of drugs and alcohol.

Our team has over 80 years of combined expertise spanning a range of disciplines. We can assist Jordanians through almost any addiction from alcohol to captagon to heroin, offering personal attention that restores balance to your body and mind. We also work for a sustained recovery, ensuring you can return to Jordan with the strength and ability to resist your old habits and live a sober lifestyle in peace.

Your Path to a Full Recovery

Flights from Amman to Malaga take about nine hours transferring through Zurich, Madrid or Rome, making this an easy option for Jordanians seeking the solution to their drug or alcohol problems. We also offer free airport transfers to our facilities, ensuring your journey here is as relaxing as possible. Simply book your ticket, tell your family, friends and colleagues you are arranging a holiday to Spain and depart from Queen Alia International Airport on the first few steps to breaking the chains of addiction.


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