Habit or Addiction?

Habit or Addiction Camino RecoveryAt Camino Recovery we offer tailored treatment for addiction and its problems, restoring health and hope to people who need help to recover and rebuild. Acknowledging that addiction is a problem is one of the first steps to recovery, but how do you tell the difference between habit and addiction?

Many of our clients use habit as an excuse to convince themselves that the problem isn’t so worrying. However, in our experience there is a very fine line between having a habit and an addiction.

Although generally habits are not addictions, bad habits share traits of addictive behaviour and bad habits can become addictions. If the habit leads to adverse consequences or affects our health, this is when you need to rethink the behaviour. Addiction typically involves extremely high levels of craving and motivation, a great deal of behavioural flexibility and a lack of impulse control. So what may seem like only a habit at first can too easily become addictive behaviour.

If you feel that your habits may be turning into addictions, or if you are concerned about a habit, don’t wait any longer. Finding out the difference is key and at Camino Recovery we will be happy to help. With over 80 years of combined, multi-disciplinary expertise we can offer you our knowledge and therapy in order to reach your full potential.

So whether you are unsure about the effects of a certain habit, worried about habits becoming an addiction or in fact feel you are an addict in some way, please get in touch. Not all addictions are as obvious as drug or alcohol use, so it is important to gain clarification if you have any doubts. Experiencing associated issues such as depression, anxiety or trauma are signs to look out for – contact Camino Recovery and speak to us in confidence today.



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