The advantages of a treatment centre in Spain

Addiction can conjure up dark and unsettling images in the mind, and it can cause people to feel isolated, alone and depressed.

Oftentimes, the place we call home can be associated with our pain and anguish, and those who experience alcoholism or drug dependency are afraid to face relatives and, ultimately, are left to fend for themselves.

It goes without saying that it’s never anyone’s objective to check into a treatment centre for addiction, depression or trauma.

In fact, the prospect of professional help often carries with it the same negative connotations that cause people to turn to substance abuse in the first place. But it’s important to note that it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Spain: the Mediterranean healer

Camino Recovery Team

Spain has long been the number one tourist destination in Europe. Its culturally diverse and is a country filled with beautiful scenery, a sense of community, and more importantly, some of the best Mediterranean food on the planet.

Holidays are a good opportunity to unwind and clear the mind of the day-to-day grind. Locations like Spain, then, provide an ideal setting for an individual to disconnect, recharge and deal with their addictions. For this (and many other reasons), Camino Recovery was born.

But there are many factors to consider when choosing an addiction recovery centre, like the facility, cost and length of treatment, and Camino Recovery is arguably the best treatment centre across Europe.

The fact we’re in Spain, then, is an extra bonus. Here’s why.

The Weather


Spain has one of the best climates in the world, and Andalucía (where we’re located) is known to have sunshine for 320 days of the year.

In fact, many of our towns claim to have the best climate in Europe, and where better to detox: in the wind and rain of grey and groggy London, or poolside in the Spanish sun?

The Outdoor Life

Hiking up La Maroma

Many new skills, interests and behaviours are learned throughout the process of recovery.

Substance abuse is oftentimes a lifestyle, and it can consume a good portion of our day. During recovery, you’ll find yourself with ample time on your hands, and that needs to be filled to discourage relapse.

Andalucía offer a unique range of activities. For example, you can be lying on the beach in Nerja in the morning, and then skiing on the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in the afternoon.

The possibilities of fresh air are endless. The environment encourages you to explore new sports and past times.

The Culture

Recovery opens up the world to new experiences and adventures, too.

Andalucía has strong influences from across the globe, and much of the area’s food, culture and architecture carries African, European and even South American influence.

Every day is a new and fascinating opportunity to learn, grow and understand this fascinating land, and to touch base with what’s important.

The Landscape  

camino recovery sunset

Getting from A to B in Spain provides a feast for the senses.

There are stunning and unspoilt coastal roads. There’s desolate and serene mountain ranges. There’s the hustle and bustle of a modern city, and there’s the ancient ruins of a Moorish palace.

Spain really does have it all.

Centrally located    

Because Spain is such a tourist hotspot, it’s many domestic and international airports are well serviced with daily flights to every corner of Europe and beyond.

There are few airports in Europe further than 3 hours away.

Healthy priorities   

It’s official Spain is the healthiest country in the world, its life expectancy the highest in Europe and is expected to overtake Japan by 2040 to become the country with highest lifespan in the world.

There are numerous contributing factors to this, but the work/life balance is amongst the most significant.

Spaniards take life and living more serious than they take work. And that’s a rare thing to find in today’s ‘switched on’ society.

Nothing typifies this more than the traditional “siesta” taken daily between 2 and 4 pm. Much of the country stop working and starts relaxing. Sunday is regarded as a day of rest and most supermarkets and shops close.

The Spanish culture can permeate through you by association.

It’ll surely slow you down.

We’re in Spain by choice

At Camino Recovery, we make sure that our clients move along in their treatment at an ambitious pace, but we appreciate the value of “downtime” and all that Spain has to offer.

It allows us to make recovery more diverse and exciting.

For these (and many other) reasons, Camino Recovery is set in the Tejeda Mountains and within ten minutes of the Costa Del Sol Coastline.

Our unique and bespoke program is tailored to make the most of Spain and to explore all that is wonderful in Andalucía.

We’re located 30 minutes from Malaga Airport, which provides flights to most of Europe daily, and the road network has been significantly improved over the last 20 years, which means that you can unlock the entirety of Andalucía by car during your stay here.

David Scourfield

David Scourfield is a Camino Recovery team member since 2017, focused on facilitating communication with Clinical and other professionals to ensure a comprehensive understanding of Camino's program.

Combining his marketing skills and lived experiences, he joined Camino in 2017, contributing to external publications and the Camino website. With a strong belief in solidarity during the recovery process, David helps clients build support networks by connecting them with others in recovery.

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