Treatment for Anxiety Jordan

As with other mental health issues in Jordan, treatment options for anxiety are limited. The National reports that stemming the growth of mental illness will not be an easy task for Jordan.  This is due to two primary factors: a lack of clinical resources and the overall social attitude.

As of 2008, there were an estimated 60 psychiatrists in Jordan’s public and private sectors. Some of these work in neighbouring countries since psychiatry is looked down upon in Jordan as the lowest of the sciences the National writes. This means the 33 psychiatric consultancy clinics run by the government are all drastically understaffed. The remaining private sector clinics can be very expensive as well.

Also from the National, Mohammed Asfour, head of the National Centre for Mental Health said that, “There is a stigma attached to seeing a psychiatrist in Arab societies and people feel embarrassed by how society perceives them.” This combination of poor facilities and negative social stigma has dire consequences for Jordanians suffering from anxiety.

Developments in Mental Health

Fortunately, there have been positive changes in the mental health field in Jordan. In 2012, the country held the very first Middle Eastern conference on Depression and Anxiety Spectrum disorders: from basic science to the clinic and back at Amman University. Here, clinical and general scientists met to discuss the latest developments with depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. The government is also trying to encourage a more positive attitude among the population.

Research on Anxiety in Jordan

There have been a number of studies done into the prevalence of anxiety amongst certain groups in the Jordanian population.

Women were studied by Dr Hanan Al-Modallal, Dr Shaher Hamaideh and Dr Rula Mudallal in their paper, Mental Health Status of Women in Jordan: A Comparative Study between Attendees of Governmental and UN Relief and Works Agency’s Health Care Centers, which looked at 620 female patients at local healthcare facilities. They found the anxiety prevalence rate reached 41.6% of the female participants, which shows the high incidence of this particular mental illness amongst the local community.

There have also been papers written on how anxiety affects the most disadvantaged in Jordanian society. For instance, The National Council for Family Affairs in Jordan wrote a paper entitled Status of Violence against Women in Jordan. In it, they write that abused women and children are more likely to suffer from clinical anxiety which leads to a difficulty in forming relationships with others, weak personality, seclusion, feelings of inferiority and feeling unloved.

Another paper, titled Child Mental health in Jordanian Orphanages effect of placement change on behavior and caregiving found that 14% of orphan children suffering from anxiety were borderline clinical while 7% were rated clinical.

Seeking Treatment Abroad

As advancements are slow, more and more Jordanians are looking to overseas clinics for an affordable, confidential way to treat their anxiety disorder. Camino Recovery is an ideal location for those looking for better mental health in privacy. Found on the Andalusian Coast in the south of Spain, our private retreat is less than an hour’s drive from Malaga Airport. This makes it a quick flight from Amman, typically nine hours when flying through Rome, Zurich or Madrid.

Freedom from Anxiety

Once settled into our private villa, our experienced clinical and support staff will form a tailored programme to help treat your anxiety and help you return to Jordan a happier, healthier individual. Our team has been selected because of their training in the mental health field.

We also specialise in a number of different treatments such as equine assisted psychotherapy which pairs you with a horse of your own and helps build up trust, improve self-esteem and teach important lessons about communication and personal space. Other options include cognitive behavioural therapy, family programmes and more, all of which can be combined together to form a treatment tailored to your specific needs.

A Better Option for Jordanians

Instead of booking into one of Jordan’s understaffed psychiatric clinics or worrying about the negative social stigma, choose Camino Recovery instead. After telling your family, friends and colleagues you are taking a holiday to Spain, you can fly off to Malaga Airport where we will pick you up and whisk you off to our private retreat. Here you will spend time in privacy and seclusion just minutes from the Mediterranean. In this setting, our staff can then help rid your mind of any anxiety and restore your mental balance so you are happy and relaxed over the long term.


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