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Within the city of Dubai, there is a growing need for urgent new improvements in local mental healthcare facilities and services especially for conditions such as depression. Doctors at the German Neuroscience Centre in Dubai estimate that up to a quarter of the population may be suffering from mild or severe depression yet won’t admit to the problem.

As the rate for this disease has doubled over the past decade, the Gulf News reports that healthcare officials are now discussing how mental health should be pushed to the forefront of national healthcare planning. Not only are the numbers of qualified psychiatrists well below accepted international standards but many lack training on treating this sensitive mental illness.

Attitudes to Depression among Dubai Residents

Cases of depression have long been underrepresented in Dubai as the condition suffers from a bad reputation. The National reports that many residents believe it is a sign of weakness and a lack of control, and that they should be able to toughen up and handle their emotions by themselves. This is, of course, very far from the scientific truth.

Others may believe that depression stems from a lack of faith or religion. A recent study entitled Cultural Influences on the Presentation of Depression found that these individuals may pray, read religious texts or talk to a religious leader for assistance. While these methods may be calming, they don’t deal with the heart of the issue and determine the real cause of that person’s depression.

This stigma also extends to others that the individual knows. Even if the person realises they need help, they may be unwilling to see a psychiatrist for fear of being branded as a maniac or crazy person, The National writes. This leads to a great many people who are scared to seek treatment and risk revealing to their family, friends and colleagues that they have a problem.

At Risk Groups for Depression in Dubai

Certain groups may be more prone to depression within the Dubai community. Time Out Dubai reports that expats are a demographic which is at risk especially since they are far away from home in a foreign culture with no support network. As these individuals are often settled temporarily, they may refrain from making friends and getting the human contact necessary to stave off some cases of depression. Gulf News reports that local doctors have called for better access to counselling for expatriates who are depressed as so many go untreated during their stay in Dubai.

Another at risk group is women. In fact, one of the country’s leading psychiatrists spoke to The National saying that three quarters of the patients treated at his clinic were women. He believes they are 3 times more likely to suffer from depression than men due to the added stress from juggling family, work and social responsibilities.

Other Options for Depressed Dubai Residents

Because of the continuing state of development of the Dubai mental healthcare system and the negative stigma that surrounds conditions such as depression, many look overseas for assistance. Camino Recovery is one option available. We are located on the Andalusian Coast in Spain an hour from the city of Malaga. Our private seaside retreat operates to international standards for the treatment of mental illnesses like depression.

A Tailored Plan to Balance Your Mind

On arrival, our experienced clinical staff will develop an individual treatment plan to delve deep into your inner psyche and determine the root cause of your depression. We aim to provide balance, allowing you to cope with any negative thoughts and emotions while at our facility and on your return to Dubai.

We will utilise a range of treatments, some of which cannot be found in the UAE. This includes cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy. We will also give you time to relax in our retreat, getting you away from the stresses and stigmas of Dubai next to one of Spain’s most scenic coastlines.

Effective Depression Therapy for Dubai Locals

From Dubai to Malaga, it is a 10 or 11-hour flight depending on whether you transfer through Zurich, Hamburg, Casablanca or some other city. On arrival, one of our personal drivers will pick you up at the airport and bring you straight to our seaside retreat. Here, you will check into Camino Recovery as you would a hotel and commence the path to a more balanced life free from the pains and hurdles that depression often comes with. In this way, you can fly back to Dubai a happier, healthier individual.


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