Treatment for Depression Jordan

Within Jordan, clinical and psychological options for those suffering for depression are becoming more common. However, there is still a long way to go before local hospitals and mental health facilities reach the desired standards. In fact, the World Health Organisation has previously recognised that Jordan is a country in need of intense support for strengthening the mental health system.

Inroads towards Better Mental Health in Jordan

In 2008, the WHO chose Jordan as the first country in which to implement its Mental Health Action Programme and gained assistance from Jordan’s Ministry of Health and the Jordanian Nursing Council. Government policies were developed and health services reorganised so that community-based services were the primary focus instead of relying solely on hospital care.

With regards to the treatment of depression, new options were developed with practitioners training in Amman, Irbid and Zarqa. Outpatient community mental health centres were also established in these three locations. Finally, acute inpatient model units were introduced into numerous Ministry of Health hospitals and certain universities.

Failings When Treating Depression in Jordan

The WHO admits there is still a lot of work to do with depression therapy in Jordan. However, funding has to be secured, resources developed and long-term political commitment gained. Additionally, there is a lack of human resources throughout the country especially with mental health services and support for adolescents and children. Additional research, further education and a greater number of advocacy bodies are also deemed necessary before proper standards can be reached.

Research Papers on Depression in Jordan

The good news is there have been plenty of studies done on depression among Jordanians in the past few years. One, titled Barriers to the diagnosis and treatment of depression in Jordan. A nationwide qualitative study, written by Dr Laeth Nasir and Dr Raeda Al-Qutob, looked at 50 primary healthcare providers in Jordan. They concluded there were many issues to overcome including a lack of education, the unavailability of certain therapies and the competing demands of medical practitioners. There are also many hurdles caused by social issues including the fact that many patients refuse to accept their diagnoses.

Another paper, Stigma and Mental Health Treatment of Adolescents with Depression in Jordan,  by Dr Robin Gearing examined 108 individuals in the public arena. He found the stigma attached to depression created obstacles to proper treatment in Jordan. Personal and public stigma was more likely to affect females and males respectively.

Getting Depression Treatment in Spain

Since the field of depression therapy in Jordan is still in its infancy, potential patients may not be satisfied with the level of care and treatment options available. The stigma surrounding these mental illnesses may also be preventing proper therapy and a full recovery. Thus, it might be a better idea to look to facilities located abroad for a confidential, effective solution to this psychological problem.

Camino Recovery is located in an idyllic spot on the Andalusian Coast, a short drive from Malaga’s Costa del Sol Airport. Our team of clinical and support staff are ready to welcome you to our facilities, the first step to a full psychological recovery. We will develop a tailored program designed to help eliminate your depression and ensure it doesn’t return when you fly back to Jordan.

Uniquely Effective Depression Treatment

Camino Recovery is a leading European centre for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. This programme treats depression through day-to-day interactions with horses, building trust, boosting self-esteem, and giving insight into relationship boundaries and communication. A trip to Spain can put you in touch with our qualified team of experts and offers access to this extremely effective depression treatment.

We also specialise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This can be used to cure the symptoms of depression by looking at your perception of certain life events and determining how they have affected your mental state of mind. This is a practical, goal-oriented therapy which often yields immediate results. It can also be incorporated into other treatment plans that we offer.

An Easy Option for Jordanians with Depression

As our facilities are located close to the Airport in Malaga, those in Jordan can reach us through a quick nine hour flight from Amman, typically via Rome, Zurich or Madrid. Camino Recovery also offers a free shuttle service from the airport to our serene seaside location, making your journey here even easier. Simply tell your friends and colleagues you are taking a holiday to the Costa del Sol in Spain and fly off on your journey to a life free from depression.


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