Treatment for Depression Kuwait

Despite a westernised culture and higher income, the country of Kuwait still has much developing to do in its mental health field. Limited treatment facilities and a rising trend of illnesses such as depression have led to a scenario which must be tackled now. Fortunately, there have been many positive steps forward to give those suffering from mental ailments the assistance they require.

Depression Statistics in Kuwait

There have been a number of reports highlighting the increase in mental illness within Kuwait. In 2014, Borgen Magazine stated that 200,000 people have been diagnosed with depression with a major increase of 40% occurring from 2010 to 2011. This amounts to about 5% of the population which is higher than the global average.

One study looked at depression in Kuwait’s primary healthcare setting. Here, it found that 37.1% screened positive for depression. Of these, 7.0% were severely depressed and 13.5% were moderately depressed. Overall rates were higher among females than males with 21.7% and 15.3% suffering from depression respectively.

The Kuwaiti Mental Healthcare Field

In its Mental Health Atlas, the WHO stated that Kuwait had 25 mental health outpatient facilities and 1 day treatment facility as of 2011. These seem to be mostly run by the country’s only dedicated psychiatric centre, the Psychological Medicine Hospital. There are also 2.62 psychiatrists, 2.29 psychologists and 0.66 social workers for every 100,000 people living in Kuwait.

Advancements with Kuwait and Depression

The local government is making some strides to tackle the issue of depression. It recently revised its mental health plan in 2010 and has ensured the majority of primary healthcare doctors have received some training relevant to mental health.

There have also been several national seminars on depression in order to raise awareness. This includes a workshop at the Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute and a symposium hosted by Standing for Psychological Education and Awareness in Kuwait (SPEAK) to tackle mental health stigma. Her Royal Highness Sheika Arwad Al Sabah is also a champion of mental health and has done plenty to advance the cause in Kuwait.

There still needs to be more done in order to reach international standards however. For instance, there is a drastic lack of awareness about treatment options for those suffering from depression. This has negative effects such as higher dropout rates for treatment. One local study found that handing out leaflets or offering counselling about medication can increase outcomes for those suffering from depression. Infrastructure such as suicide hotlines are also absent for those with more serious symptoms. Finally, stigma might also be hindering development since many locals deem mental illness as less important than physical sickness and injury.

Alternatives for Kuwaitis and Depression

The current situation means that many living in Kuwait seek assistance for all types of mental illnesses overseas. To this end, Camino Recovery now welcomes those looking for international standards of treatment in a first-class environment. Our facility is located near Malaga in the south of Spain. This region, named the Andalusian Coast, is a sunny, seaside setting perfect for relaxing your mind and tackling the root cause of your mental illness.

A Personalised Treatment Programme

On arrival at our retreat, we will check you into our private villa and commence you on a tailored schedule to help rid you of depression for good. Our clinical team has more than 80 years of combined experience in treating mental illnesses and can utilise a range of methods including group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy. These will balance your mind and equip you with a variety of mental techniques to prevent further bouts of depression in the future.

Long-term Therapy for Depression

By combining a private retreat with an experienced team of clinical staff, one can see that Camino Recovery offers a complete treatment package for those suffering from depression. Not only will you gain access to world-class standards of care but you will also take a holiday in one of Europe’s most popular seaside destinations. We will give you time to enjoy the nearby beaches during your stay, adding to the relaxation and comfort our guests receive.

We are found an hour’s drive from Malaga Airport which is, in turn, a 12-hour flight from Kuwait City. Simply book your plane ticket and pack your bags and set off on a journey to rid yourself of the negative thoughts and behaviour that depression commonly creates. This will let you return to Kuwait with a balanced mental outlook and the chance to lead a normal life once more.


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