Treatment for Trauma Bahrain

Although Bahrain is said to be in the High Income Group of countries, spending about 4.54% of its GDP on health, the World Health Organisation estimates that only 3.96% of this is spent on mental health care facilities. Unfortunately, the data on conditions such as trauma is quite scarce with PTSD Research Quarterly writing that there were few to no studies on either trauma or PTSD in Bahrain. What information we can gather has come from global reports on the country’s healthcare systems and local testimonials about the current state of trauma care there.

Trauma Treatment Facilities in Bahrain

A small country, Bahrain presently only has one dedicated psychiatric hospital at the Salmaniya Medical Complex in Manama. The WHO-AIMS Report for 2010 estimates that this provides 20.6 beds per 100,000 people. There are also four outpatient clinics and two day treatment facilities available with an estimated total of 70 psychiatrists working throughout the nation.

Attitudes towards Psychiatry in Bahrain

One of the barriers to a more extensive mental health field in Bahrain is the stigma that is attached to this field.  Time Out Bahrain talked to Art Therapist, Dalal Al Sindi, who said that therapy was not very well accepted in the country. The most common attitude is that you only need it if you are insane. For this reason, she has set up the Bahrain Arts Therapy Centre in the Women’s Entrepreneur Complex in A’ali. In this facility, she hopes to treat psychological trauma and other conditions using art, a subject more accepted in Bahraini society.

The Bahraini Uprising and Psychological Trauma

Residents of Bahrain have also had to cope with the mental trauma of the 2011 Bahraini uprising and the events that led up to it. This includes the PTSD that individuals on both sides of the conflict may currently experience. The Bahrain Centre for Human Rights reports that the excessive use of force which led to civilian injury and death also produced other symptoms such as trauma and emotional stress.

There have also been a number of reports on the children who experienced the uprising or who were related to those killed or injured in the events. For instance, the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, which was set up after the conflict, reported that forced entry raids of homes by security forces caused psychological trauma to children living there. Women Living Under Muslim Laws writes that, during the crackdown on political activists, tens of children spent lengthy periods of time in local detention centres. This has led them to suffer from serious psychological trauma as a result.

The extent of this damage has been noted by the Education Ministry which announced that there were more than 5,200 students exhibiting some symptoms of psychological damage as a result of the events that took place. Certain individuals even showed signs of PTSD.

Treatment Options for Bahrainis with Trauma

Within this current scenario, it is not surprising that a number of Bahrainis choose to seek assistance for their psychological trauma in an overseas location. Not only can they receive better standards of care abroad but they can also recover in an environment free from society’s stigma and the politicisation created by the 2011 conflict.

To this end, Camino Recovery welcomes Bahrainis from all walks of life to our seaside retreat in Malaga the heart of the Andalusian Coast in Spain. We have a full team of medical staff who are experienced in the treatment of trauma and other mental conditions. We will help create an individualised programme to suit your symptoms, character and lifestyle. In this way, we can work together to determine the cause of your symptoms and teach you positive mental habits to maintain a balanced mind in the future.

Modern Trauma Treatment in a Private Setting

On arrival at our facilities, you will check into our private villa. Located in the heart of our beautifully manicured gardens. There is also a swimming pool nearby plus we will give you time to spend at the local beaches as well. This creates a truly relaxing setting in which you can rid yourself of your psychological trauma. Of course, our clinical staff will assist too, using a variety of techniques including group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy. These programmes aim for long-term results, ensuring you can return to Bahrain and integrate into society again without fear of relapse. We will help restore your mind and give you the chance to live a normal life once more.


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