Treatment for Trauma Kuwait

When it comes to mental healthcare for conditions such as trauma, Kuwait is a nation which faces several obstacles. Not only is this a country in which PSTD occurs frequently because of the Iraqi invasion but the nation’s infrastructure is in the developing stage due to the negative social stigma surrounding these conditions.

Kuwaiti Attitudes towards Mental Trauma

As with most Arab countries, many living in Kuwait see mental illnesses as a sign of weakness rather than anything inherently treatable. Professional Social Work magazine reports on the limitations that this has created saying that there is currently only one psychiatric hospital in the country. While these facilities are manned by a team of social workers, there is no government-run community health service to further assist with the rehabilitation of those suffering from mental trauma.

The organisation, Standing for Psychological Education and Awareness in Kuwait (SPEAK), has made inroads into breaking this social stigma through mental health presentations, newspaper articles and more. The creators of SPEAK say that the traditional role of the family can help support those suffering from illnesses such as trauma although more work has to be done before individuals feel comfortable talking about their symptoms in public.

Mental Trauma and the Iraqi Invasion

Due to the relatively recent occurrence of the Iraqi invasion in 1990, many of the nation’s citizens now suffer from some form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The LA Times reports that social stigma is compounding the effects of this trauma with many in denial of their symptoms. Sources say that as many as 80% of all Kuwaitis could be suffering from some form of mental trauma.

The government has made steps to help people recover from this past conflict. For instance, the Social Development Office (SDO) was developed after the war to gather psychological information and assist with the rehabilitation of Kuwaitis. Local children are particularly at risk of adverse symptoms and many studies have been done on the prevalence of trauma in the young. One looked at kindergarten students and found that 61.1% had feelings of terror, 55.6% exhibited aggressive behaviour and 48.9% felt psychological disturbances.

There have also been other links shown between the conflict, PTSD and exhibited symptoms. For instance, one study found a high correlation between war exposure and post-traumatic stress amongst Kuwaiti children. Another research paper looked at subjects aged 24 to 71. They found that 31.5% showed signs of PTSD. These were divided into various groups with 48% of POWs, 24% of retired soldiers and 22% of in-battle troops exhibiting symptoms associated with trauma.

Options for Kuwaitis Seeking Treatment

While those suffering from PTSD can find assistance within Kuwait, many choose to look for help overseas. Centres such as Camino Recovery can provide patients with international standards of care in an environment free from any negative social stigma. By taking a short holiday out of the country, it is possible for an individual to return with a more balanced frame of mind especially if they choose to check into our modern facilities.

We are located an hour’s drive from the town of Malaga on the Andalusian Coast in Spain. Situated a few minutes from some of Europe’s best beaches, there is no better place to visit for assistance with issues such as mental trauma. Our team of clinical staff has more than 80 years of experience in the field, utilising a range of techniques such as group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy to get to the root of the problem. They will also teach our guests a number of helpful mental techniques to prevent symptoms in the future.

A Complete Trauma Rehabilitation Package

At Camino Recovery, we are proud to get to the heart of your mental problems helping you cope with your condition and allowing you to lead a more balanced lifestyle on your return to Kuwait. We will create a tailored treatment programme specifically designed for your needs, preferences and symptoms. In this way, we will tackle the issue on your terms and in your own time.

Malaga Airport is a 12-hour flight from Kuwait City with transfers made in Istanbul, Frankfurt, Beirut or a number of other cities depending on the airline. One of our drivers will pick you up on arrival and take you straight to our seaside retreat. Once there, you can check into our private villa, meet our team of experienced staff and commence a customised programme designed to eliminate your mental trauma symptoms for good.


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