Treatment for Trauma Oman

With regards to psychological trauma treatment, Oman’s healthcare sector is making some positive changes. It has been recognised as the country with the fastest growth for the Human Development Index (HDI) and is ranked first for overall performance in health amongst 191 WHO member states. This is aided by the Omani Ministry of Health and its strategic health plan, Healthy Vision 2050, to further improve the nation’s facilities and treatment. Additionally, events such as the 7th International Conference on Health Issues in Arab Communities and courses such as the Psychiatry Residency Program at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital help further develop this field.

Further Needs for Trauma Therapy in Oman

There is still a long way to go before mental healthcare reaches international standards in Oman however. The country only has one designated psychiatric facility, Al Masarrah Hospital, which has 245 beds. In Oman’s WHO country profile, the organisation notes that there are 26 outpatient facilities and only 12 psychiatric beds in general hospitals to supplement this main hospital. There are no day treatment or community residential facilities. Furthermore, there are no long-term treatment options with 100% of patients staying for less than a year.

Gaps in mental healthcare can lead to severe consequences for Omani society. For instance, Times of Oman reports that it is not uncommon for children to display signs of psychological trauma within the classroom. Not only are there inadequate numbers of social workers to visit homes in these cases but teachers sometimes fail to report this abuse at all. This can lead to low grades, mental deterioration and a higher chance of crime later on in life.

Omani Attitudes towards Trauma

One of the main issues with tackling trauma in Oman, especially in the more rural areas, is the general reluctance to see a psychiatrist. Mental illness is either seen as a stigmatised condition or one which is caused by the supernatural. One study looking at patients with traumatic brain injuries and their families found that traditional healers were preferred over modern psychiatrists as symptoms were deemed to be caused by curses or spells such as the evil eye or mu ghayeb. These beliefs are confirmed in another study which examined neurobehavioral impairment in a patient who believed he was possessed by a Jinn, or evil spirit.

Trauma Treatment beyond Oman’s Borders

With experts calling for better trauma treatment facilities in Oman, and negative social stigma meaning that the majority of sufferers fail to seek help locally, it is not uncommon for Omanis to look for assistance outside of the country. Camino Recovery is now open to those with all types of psychological trauma as we offer international standards of care in a private, relaxing setting.

Our facilities are located on the Andalusian Coast, a sunny stretch of sea in the South of Spain. Located within a private cortijo, with a team of experienced clinical staff we provide personalised treatment to help you deal with any traumatic events of the past and lead a more balanced life in the future. Our long-term planning means you can return to Oman and recommence your regular routine without worrying about mental reoccurrence of your previous symptoms.

Tackling the Root Cause of Your Trauma

The staff at Camino Recovery will delve deep into your past and work out why you are exhibiting the mental symptoms you currently have. As well as helping you to cope with these fears, events or losses, we will use a variety of treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy to help you form more positive mental habits and attitudes. In this way, we will prepare you for a normal life once you return to Oman.

Treatment for Your Body and Mind

Our facilities are found only 45 minutes drive from Malaga which can be an 11 to 15 hour flight from Muscat depending on the route taken. Airlines operating between these two cities include Oman Air, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and Emirates. On arrival at the airport, a private driver will pick you up and take you straight to Camino Recovery where you can check into our private villa and commence our personalised trauma treatment programmes.

As our facilities are situated within 5 minutes from the sea, you will also be a few minutes from some of the area’s best beaches. As you can see, this is a holiday for both your body and mind where you can eliminate the distress of past traumas amid a soothing, relaxing environment designed for mental healing.


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