Johnathan's Family Programme Experience

I was somewhat hesitant when my daughter picked Camino for her recovery programme. We had already had a very poor experience at a ‘top brand’ place.

I spoke to Camino Recovery before my daughter started there and was most impressed with the importance they place on the family being involved. I joined for the family week and can totally confirm my daughter picked the best place. It’s not about handing out tablets, it’s about getting inside the person and helping them understand themselves better.

The programme is tough for the residents, but you have Don and Meena with years of experience and Ameet, who is an excellent therapist, as well as being one of the best presenters I have ever seen. Ameet invariably manages to challenge and say the tough things, but always with kindness and empathy.

Camino Recovery is not run like an institution, but as a family business with the sole aim of supporting its clients’ recovery. And they do this with a passion.