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The Mental Health Benefits of Physical Exercise

Exercise is more than just a form of preventative care. It’s a proven psychological treatment that can improve symptoms of people struggling with depression, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and substance abuse. The connection between the body and the brain can shed light on how exercise can benefit mental health. If you or a loved one …

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Treatment for Trauma Bahrain

Although Bahrain is said to be in the High Income Group of countries, spending about 4.54% of its GDP on health, the World Health Organisation estimates that only 3.96% of this is spent on mental health care facilities. Unfortunately, the data on conditions such as trauma is quite scarce with PTSD Research Quarterly writing that there were few …

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Treatment for Anxiety in Spain

As one of the sunniest (and happiest) nations in Europe, Spain has a mental healthcare system well above most other countries in the region. Camino Recovery is one of the few local facilities offering international standards of care for things like anxiety and depression treatment. But is residential treatment for anxiety and depression worthwhile? Well, many …

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Treatment for Depression Bahrain

When it comes to treating mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, Bahrain is far ahead of most other Middle Eastern countries. However, this doesn’t mean that treatment centres in Bahrain offer international levels of care, and certain advancements still need to be made. A paper in World Psychiatry found that while Bahrain had one of the …

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