Treatment for Anxiety in Spain

As one of the sunniest (and happiest) nations in Europe, Spain has a mental healthcare system well above most other countries in the region.

Camino Recovery is one of the few local facilities offering international standards of care for things like anxiety and depression treatment.

But is residential treatment for anxiety and depression worthwhile?

Well, many of our residential patients come from Europe and the Middle East because they find incomparable conditions, including:

  • Direct fly-from-home countries
  • Exceptional weather
  • World-renowned clinicians
  • Peace, quiet and isolation in the hills of Velez-Malaga

Because of these conditions, here at Camino we can target specific treatments and quickly aid in the recovery of those who are suffering.

Prevalence of anxiety in today’s society

A number of studies have been conducted on the occurrence of anxiety in select demographics, with a focus on many European and Middle East countries.

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The number of people that show signs of generalised anxiety disorder increase year-on-year and fewer than half of them received the right treatment. For example, 20 percent of a sample of expatriates living abroad recorded exhibiting some anxiety symptoms.

Two main factors of this anxiety and depression included outstanding debt and poor-quality jobs. With private anxiety treatment, we can teach those suffering from anxiety and depression how to effectively manage their minds and become a healthier, more positive person.

Anxiety treatment outside of your place of residence

For obvious reasons, many people choose to look abroad when they look for anxiety treatment centres.

Not only can they check into a centre that offers international standards of medical care, but the stigmas of local society are left far behind and it offers people the chance to completely reset from their daily habits.

Camino Recovery is an excellent choice for those seeking an effective way to rid themselves of their anxiety. We are a private retreat on the Andalusian coast of Spain that specialises modern mental healthcare therapy.

Breakfast at Camino recovery Spain

Guests will stay in our private villa surrounded by lush gardens with access to a swimming pool and the nearby beaches.

Pool and gardens at Camino Recovery

Our experienced medical staff will also create a personalised treatment programme for you, which will put you through tried and true methods such as group therapy, equine assisted psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. By doing so, guests will come to terms with the cause of their anxiety and learn some positive ways to prevent a reoccurrence in the future.

Long-term results for anxiety sufferers

We offer a complete package to help balance your mind and return you back home a healthier, happier individual.

Combining modern and private treatment in a relaxing setting, everything is in place to give our guests the best anxiety treatment in Europe.

While flying overseas for treatment might be a little more effort, the effectiveness of our long-term treatments will make this decision well worth it. Take a holiday to Spain for your body and mind and let us help with your anxiety disorders.

Our facility is located an hour from Malaga Airport, which can be reached by direct flights from many European and Middle Eastern cities. One of our drivers will be waiting for you on arrival, ready to take you to our retreat.

Once you have checked in, you can then commence your tailored treatment programme and begin effective treatment for your anxiety symptoms with long-term proven results.


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