Equine assisted psychotherapy

Treatment for Trauma Bahrain

Although Bahrain is said to be in the High Income Group of countries, spending about 4.54% of its GDP on health, the World Health Organisation estimates that

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Sober for Christmas

If an addiction has taken over your life or the life of somebody you care about, you are probably going to be approaching the holiday

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Understanding Addiction

Addiction often sounds like a dirty word that polite society applies to down-and-outs who are living rough. Actually, addiction does not discriminate. Addiction is the

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – EAP

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, or EAP, is a specialised form of therapy using horses to help patients cope with addiction. Since this type of therapy emerged several decades ago it has been understood that interaction with horses can break down barriers far more quickly than is the case in relations with other human beings. In order to accomplish simple tasks, therefore, patients are taught to speak ‘the language of the horse’, which is devoid of deception and manipulation.

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